TV Anchor’s ’69ers’ Gaffe Is Going Viral Again

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After 15 years working on the Internet, there’s never a day that goes by without a surprise — Aaron Rodgers dating the Milwaukee Bucks heiress comes to mind — and today it is in the form of a months-old Australian news anchor “69ers” gaffe video going viral again.

For those of you who didn’t see it in October, let’s go back to where co-host Ally Langdon told “TODAY” (Australia’s version) viewers about how the guys on the show went home after work to watch the Rams and “69ers” get it on.

Listen to how Ally casually drops “69ers” like this wasn’t the first time she’d let one of those slip out of her mouth. Ally tries to say that her co-hosts were watching the Rams-49ers game and then we find out exactly what’s on her mind.

So disgusting, Ally!

Just kidding!

This is awesome and exactly what the world needs more of these days. We need Ally making “69ers” her running joke. We need Ally giving “69ers” updates throughout the playoffs. We need Ally teeing up “69ers” highlight packages.

“The point is, you were watching football…” Ally tells her co-hosts, before Karl Stefanovic stopped her. “Nope, point’s been made!” he fires back.

Did somebody say “69ers?”

“Call me, Ally.” (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Written by Joe Kinsey

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