Turkey Man Goes Full Florida Man, Joins Search Party Looking For Himself

In some straight-up Florida Man behavior, authorities in Turkey say a man went missing after getting lit up with his friends at a bar only to resurface by joining the search party that was looking for him. That’s right, 50-year-old Beyhan Mutlu went out drinking Tuesday night, apparently, got all hammered on whatever they drink in Turkey and wandered off into a forest in the northwestern part of the country.

After not returning home, according to the BBC and local reports, a search party was formed to find Mr. Mutlu and return him to his bed. The party goes out into the woods looking for the man, and at some point in the night Beyhan went full Florida Man. He happened upon the search party and joined them, clearly not knowing they were looking for him.

Eyewitnesses report that someone in the search party called out for the man and the case was solved when Beyhan replied, “I am here.”

It turns out Beyhan had “searched for himself for hours,” one outlet reported. The man told authorities he thought the search was for someone else and that he clearly wasn’t missing because he was right there in the search party.

How do I know this guy tied on a legendary drunk? HE WAS SEARCHING FOR HIMSELF FOR SEVERAL HOURS! It’s not like Beyhan tipped off the rescue workers by walking up and being like ‘Hey guys, here I am!’

No, he’s out there wandering around with this search party in the middle of the night so rocked he just wanted to help and be part of the crew.

As I’ve said, it’s incredibly important to have a life résumé story in your back pocket to share at a bar to impress others. Perhaps you’ve climbed a big mountain. Maybe you’ve been married seven times. Or maybe you hit the lottery at 23 and have partied your ass off for 30 years. Maybe you used to be a Rolling Stones roadie.

Or maybe you once joined a search party and searched for your drunken self. That’s a winning story right there. A real leg slapper. That story is leading to people getting rocked in a bar. People want to party with people like Beyhan. There’s a level of danger and the unknown.

You hear that story and instantly there’s a “What’s going to happen tonight?” vibe running through your veins.

Again, if you don’t have one of those life résumé stories, it’s time to step up and get one. Remember, joining your own search party is already taken. Find something else that’s unique.


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. You have to assume that – like any search party – they were yelling his name almost constantly the entire time, which means not only was he involved in a search for himself, he also wasn’t responding to people yelling his own name right by him for all that time. Wow.

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