Tommy Tuberville’s Win Shows Trump Still Has A Lot of Influence

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Tommy Tuberville. Congratulations to Tubbs. He beat Jeff Sessions in the state of Alabama.

And he is a huge favorite now to be a senator from Alabama. He should beat Doug Jones.

This will be interesting to see what happens.  I don’t foresee the Alabama senate race to be very close at all.  As Trump should win Alabama by 20 points.

Unless Tommy Tuberville was dating teenagers like what happened back in the day with the allegations of the last Republican nominee, I think that Tuberville will win by double digits and the Republicans will take back that senate seat.

He ran a good campaign. He even won in Tuscaloosa. 

It was crushing defeat for Jeff Sessions and the victory shows it is really very difficult to win right now in the Republican Party without Donald Trump’s backing particularly in states where he is very popular.

As a result, Alabama likely going back to a Republican.  That will mean it’s 54 – 46 and we’ll see what happens in the all the toss-up states.  It will be close to see who wins the senate.  We’ll see what happens in Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina, Maine. 

There are a lot of different senate races which are intriguing.  It wouldn’t shock me if it came down to 50/50 and whichever party wins would hold the senate.

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