Trump Says Biden Would Not Pass Cognitive Test That The Former President Aced

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Earlier this afternoon, former President Donald Trump was a guest on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, chatting it up for nearly 45 minutes. Amongst other topics, Trump discussed the cognitive test he took while in office, and he shared his thoughts on how President Biden would fare on the same exam.

“I took a test, a cognitive test, which they say is pretty tough. And I aced the test.” Trump said, referencing the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Exam which tests mental stability. “And they put (the results) out and I never heard (much response).”

“(Taking the exam) was actually a great thing. I did it. And it was risky because if you do badly, (the test score) gets reported. Ok?”

Trump continued, telling Clay and Buck: “You know, there’s numerous doctors watching and it’s at a certain hospital that’s very public, so if you do badly (it’ll be reported) …But I did it and I did very well. I did, I think perfectly (following the test, Trump’s doctor confirmed a perfect 30 out of 30 score). And a lot of people are suggesting that (President Biden) do that.”

In the unlikely event that President Biden takes the same exam, Trump is of the opinion that his results would be less than stellar: “He would not pass it. He would not do well on it. But a lot of people are suggesting that he (take the same cognitive test).”

Following those comments, Trump turned his attention to the way Biden is perceived outside of the United States, saying: “And look, I watch, and you watch, and we see the same things and you don’t want to talk about it, but the rest of the world…. If they don’t respect your president, you have a problem. And they had a lot of respect for our country six months ago and before. They had a lot of respect. You wouldn’t have seen missiles flying all over the place, into Israel. You wouldn’t have seen even China talking the way they spoke to our people, our representatives in Alaska. They never spoke to us that way.”

You can listen to Trump’s entire appearance on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show below:



Written by Anthony Farris

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