President Trump Impeached Again

A majority of the House voted on Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump, charging him with “inciting violence against the government.” The vote makes it the first time a U.S. President has been impeached twice.

The article of impeachment now heads to the Senate, where a two-thirds majority is needed to convict the president. This means at least 17 Republicans would have to vote against Trump.

The New York Times reports that as many as 20 Senate Republicans are open to convicting the president.

*This is a breaking news story.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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    • They want to send the message to any political opposition that they will crush you if you cross them. They will try their best to imprison Trump and other supporters. They will try their best to crush conservative business on legal technicalities. They will use the full weight of the government to remind you that you are a bug and to get out of their way. The Soviet Union has come to America.

  1. If the Republicans party allows this to happen it will be 20 years or longer before they win the presidency again. Trump still has a huge following that simply will not forgive that. If they vote to convict, I’ll vote independent the rest of my life. It may mean if I have to live through a bunch of demo nazi presidents, but I for damn sure will rest easy knowing I didn’t support any traitors to America

  2. I would truly like to understand the endgame here. This vengeance might be justified if there were some mandate, but they won the White House by like 40,000 votes and lost seats in the House and had to change the process fundamentally just to get that result (not to mention lockdown the country but whatever). The only political end I can imagine they hope to achieve is to cut off the head and then leverage his demonization to sway – or, God forbid, persecute – the rest. I just don’t think vengeance is compelling.

  3. I cannot understand the Liberals lust for Vengeance. Like everyone keeps saying, they are scary. Their only enjoyment seems to come from punishing others. The seek out to Punish even when it serves no purpose other than to cause further division in the country. With a week before Biden is elected, is there even time for an impeachment trial? I guess they don’t care.With liberals it is always about displaying their power.

    I just saw someone tweet the following quote from Jake Tapper as Jake covered the impeachment story. Jake says “Congressmen Brain Mast…who lost his legs by the way fighting for Democracy abroad, although I don’t know about his commitment to it here”

    Jake Tapper, the man lost his legs fighting for Democracy and you don’t know about his commitment to Democracy?…..With these woke fools nobody is ever for democracy, nobody is ever for truth, nobody is ever for integrity, nobody is ever for Patriotism….unless of course, you are for the very specific “truth” they tell you to believe. The only “truth” that exists in their world is their own woke “truth”, no matter how hypocritical it may be.

  4. Rather than doing things to make our country better its this utter nonsense stuff smfh the guy is gone in a week these dems are hateful,spiteful, and vindictive they talk about healing but look at their actions. Our country is so in trouble right now politics and covid the only things happening in the world

  5. For those asking what the “end game” is here, there are actually quite a few things at play:

    (1) Agree or disagree, Congress is setting a precedent that POTUS can’t essentially yell “fire” in a crowded theater i.e. the First Amendment exception extends to POTUS like every other citizen. I’m sure some of you may disagree with this assertion, but an argument can certainly be made that this is exactly what Trump did daily post-electing, and especially the morning of January 6. Words matter. The Senate will debate.

    (2) As someone mentioned, if the Senate convicts Trump, Senate can ban him from ever running for office again with a simple majority vote. Of course we know Trump has hinted at running again in 2024, so this matters.

    (3) Trump loses his post-POTUS pension and potentially his secret service protection, and also will not be able to travel on America’s dime i.e. Trump will no longer be able to benefit from the taxpayers’ money.

    This isn’t the full extent of it, but these are some reasons for the push to get him out. You can think it’s just about vengeance or whatever, but the above wouldn’t be an unfair price for Trump to pay if he gets convicted IMO. I’ll leave you with this: Trump could have been one of the greatest Presidents we’ve ever had (some of you already think so) simply by realizing that words matter. Unfortunately, his political successes have been (and will be) overlooked by his devastating communication style and the many choices he made to use poor rhetoric and thoughtlessly spew narcissistic, arrogant messages, day after day after day, via Twitter or otherwise. If he were just that much more humble, vulnerable, comforting and graceful in his messaging from time to time, seeking to be a peacemaker and a leader amongst the people in critical moments, I truly believe his legacy (and the condition of our country) would be much different. He probably would have been re-elected, and we would not be discussing any of this. Words matter, especially from the President.

    • I would like to know why regular people were so offended by him attacking people who deserve to be treated like trash: politicians, foreign leaders, people who fancy them selves ‘elite’, lying and corrupt corporate journalists. Sounds to me like people who care about awful people being insulted are lemmings being TOLD to be offended by the orange ogre.

    • He’s a billionaire who did this job for free, he doesn’t care about the public dime. I don’t think he would run in ’24 but that’s just me. What exactly constituted him yelling fire? Tweeting that the election was fixed? What has Hillary and the dems been doing for four years? Even Biden during the campaign agreed with a nut job in his base that he was illegitimate. I love the Babylon Bee headline, and i know it’s satire, that Trump accepted the election four years quicker than Hillary.

    • Your first point is made under the premise that there was no issues with the election. So if he yelled “fire” it was because there was a ton of smoke. Again, this isn’t impeachable. A president can have an opinion. And he never directly told people to barge into the capitol. There’s this continued tendency, especially from the left, to strip away the agency/choices of individuals. Those people made a choice. They were fed up and they did what they wanted.

      • I’ll take accomplishments over rhetoric anytime. Obama was lauded for his words, but had no clue how to fix an economy that had been decimated by the financial crises. Massive regulations, Obamacare, bowing to China, and the Iran Nuclear are just a few of his gems. Do people ever notice how cordial Trump is when someone treats him well. Yes he can be an ass, but look what he’s been put through. Comey, Clapper, and Brennan did everything they could to destroy him. The Mueller probe lasted 674 days and delivered nothing. The first impeachment was over a phone call (basically the Russia Hoax Part 2). Next was the politicizing of Covid followed by a fraudulent election (to put it mildly). Now it’s impeachment #2 which is a big FU as he’s leaving office. The MSM was anti-Trump 24/7 the past four years and Big Tech was all in to suppress conservatives and help Biden. With all that said Trump is suppose to be cool, calm, collected and take the high road. Having to deal with Pelosi and Schumer is enough to drive any sane person FN nuts.

        • I agree with you here, as I mentioned below. I think your second to last line says it all. If Trump were these things, his legacy could have been one of the greats. It wasn’t impossible for him to have the accomplishments and the rhetoric. Hell, the rhetoric is the easy part, but he is too much of a prideful ass to have realized it. Regardless, I have respect for his position. Being POTUS is certainly more difficult than my line of work. I just would liked him to rise above Pelosi and Schumer and the like more often. I’d prefer to think of him more like a President than a giant Baby Huey. I think this would have done much good for him and our country.

          • I tell people this all the time, Trump is a born and bred New Yorker. A REAL New Yorker not someone who grew up in the MidWest or South and moved to NY to become cosmopolitan. If you look back in pop culture New Yorkers are always portrayed as rude, pushy and loud. That is Trump to the nth degree, add Billionaire, TV Celebrity and social icon to that and here we are.

            Republicans knows that the media are completely against them. We all know the media is at least 90% DNC. I read that there have been studies documenting 90-95% of MSM stories every year of his presidency were negative. Meanwhile, the guy figured out the Middle East!! Trump, the New Yorker, would not take their BS laying down and they HATE him for it.

            Trump did some remarkable things, unfortunately as most have noted he just can’t moderate himself. Fortunately, as usual the DNC is going to overplay their hand (any AOC/Pelosi/Schumer comment) the MSM who thinks we all blindly adore them like they do will amplify them. This will cause the average Americans to wake up and reset Congress at mid-terms (see also Obama first term).

    • I agree to an extent.

      1) I don’t know what he tweeted that set this off but I haven’t seen any evidence that he told his base to siege that capitol. The “fire in the theater” argument assumes grown adults with their own free will have no autonomy or responsibility for their actions. It’s unacceptable behavior but I can certainly understand why people feel like that fix was in. It was also like a one day event when cities have been looted and burning all summer, even attacks on fed buildings.

      2) This is the most important aspect. Dude is leaving office in what, like a week from now? A successful impeachment is just a big middle finger to a guy they can’t control and a guy who has pissed them off for 4 years. Trump being unable to run again is an indictment of how scared they are that he could win again. If they had any level of confidence in themselves they wouldn’t need to do this.

      3) Trump is a billionaire. Only thing here is secret service but Trump could afford private security anyway.

      Yes, Trump was a dick who tweeted mean things but given the resistance and bs he had to put up with for 4 years I understand it. Politics is a dirty game.

      • You guys are all missing my point. I’m saying that Trump could have been one of the greatest Presidents of all time. Because yes, accomplishments matter, but so do words. I likely would not disagree with most of you about his accomplishments. I’m simply saying had he acted more like a leader, a caretaker, firm but steady throughout his presidency, he could have avoided a LOT of unfortunate events that came his way.

        As for the impeachment points, as I said, the Senate will debate point #1, I was just simply putting forth the argument. Trump said a lot of things leading up to January 6, and on the morning of January 6, that were irresponsible and stupid. Impeachable? I don’t know. But it would be a good case for a First Amendment law school class.

        Perhaps a successful impeachment is just a big middle finger to Trump, but there’s no merit there. After all, Trump’s entire Presidency started as a big middle finger to pretty much everyone who is not Donald Trump.

        Lastly, Trump is a billionaire in billions of dollars of debt. I think he’s nervous about his finances. I think that’s why he was trying to hold on to the Presidency. It will be interesting to see how his businesses do after this whole mess is over. Nevertheless, it’s not that he needs money from the taxpayers. Of course, he doesn’t care about that. It’s that the taxpayers, particularly Democrats, would prefer NOT to give him any. Was just laying out the consequences of this impeachment.

        • You laid out some good points. But Darealmvp’s post at top of this message board is what I am thinking

          Consider that Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon were still on tv yesterday arguing that all 75 million Trump voters are KKK supporters. Consider that Twitter and Big tech don’t just cancel Trump and conservatives they cancel anyone whatsoever who disagrees with them. Search for Bret Weinstein and his unity2020 plan. Bret tried to get support for a third possible candidate besides Trump and Biden. Bret wasn’t a Trump supporter but they shut him down too. Please read Darealmvp’s post at the top of this board.

          • You and darealmvp are certainly not wrong. Nothing to dispute. I’d just add that Trump had choices to make, too, and he freely made those choices every day. Some of his choices were good and did a lot of good for our country. Some of his choices (simple choices, albeit) cost him a chance to become a much, much better President, cost him re-election, cost the Republicans the Senate, etc., etc. Can’t just blame everything on the Democrats and the Media and Big Tech, etc. (though I agree with the general thoughts portrayed throughout these comments on these topics). Can’t just chalk it up to being a “New Yorker”. Trump had plenty of chances. I wish he had taken advantage of more of them. Not going to look to Democrats and everyone else to be mad at. If Conservatives (and those not squarely in Biden’s court) want to be upset, they should be upset with Donald Trump for the things that have happened since the election, especially loss of the Senate.

          • Bahad, I think all of your posts were well thought out. All 3 points in your original post were well thought out. Thank you, I like being a VIP and reading well thought out discussion posts by other VIP’s here on OutKick.

            My main point in replying to your post was to write that even though you raised valid points worth considering, the leftists have already displayed such astounding hypocrisy, and they have already incited so much destruction all summer long, that I do not think that THEY think such well thought out ideas. THEY only think about destruction and punishment. THEY, as darealmpv said in the post at top of this board, want to crush everyone. In my opinion, they are motivated by an insidious nature to crush people. They proved it to me with both their hypocrisy and their cheering on of violence.

            Nevertheless, I agree 100% that Trump could have been a lot more successful if he had handled himself better in certain situations. And I wish he had. I wish Georgia hadn’t lost those two senate seats. I wish Trump had focused less on himself and more on that Senate race. The leftists scare the shit out of me. They will burn down any amount of cities and then tell us our eyes are deceiving us. And after they finish telling us our eyes are deceiving us, they will shift focus to their next target and call all Trump voters white supremacists to stir up even more anger.

  6. Trump was the last best hope for GOP…to expand the party. That’s why Dems went after him. He was a legit threat to their power structure. Which future Republican candidate wins working class rust belt voters? Nikki Haley? Tim Scott. I don’t think so. It’s a wrap folks. First Arizona, then Georgia, next is Texas. See everyone in cyberspace…Long Bitcoin!

    And sports…they aren’t too far behind either…Who’s watching NBA? Anyone? That didn’t take long.

  7. Trump is the most persecuted man since Jesus Christ. The full power of the evil deep state establishment criminals of both political parties plus all of the evil corrupt agencies, especially the FBI, the big tech Nazis who own the evil deep state, the propoganda wing of the terrorist cult known as the DemocRat party known as the fake news media, the communist indoctrination centers known as schools plus the criminals, perverts and pedophiles of the Hollywood Hezbullah including professional sports leagues all focused on destroying one man.
    He must be doing something right or they wouldn’t be so afraid of him.

  8. Appreciate your laying out the political benefits to removal. Honestly. I have to say that 2 seems low risk and patronizing to the electorate, and 3 feels petty and immaterial. But 1 is potentially persuasive. Earnestly, because I don’t watch CNN, can you share what words from the President on January 6 one could objectively in context cite as cause for a tiny percentage of the audience’s breaking into the Capitol (putting aside for now whether that isolated act is significant in light of the applauded political violence levied on American cities across the past seven months)?

    • The points I laid out above aren’t my opinions, or what I deem to be political benefits of Trump’s removal. They are simply facts/consequences of what could happen as a result of a conviction and what the “end game” is for Democrats. So you can brush them off however you want, but it is what it is. There are a bunch of publications (outside of CNN…) that transcribe the precise words Trump used leading up to and on the morning of January 6. If you haven’t discovered the facts yet, I’m sure you will in the coming days during the impeachment process. No need for me to make the case here. I honestly don’t care.

  9. And, yet, his approval rating ticks up. We know who the true rats are: big media, tech, education, and the DC swamp creatures swimming laps in Biden’s new “unity party.” This referendum on Trump is really a referendum on his voters. That s the most critical point to remember.

  10. So does this mean the Democrats have solved all of the other problems in this country? No? They have solve NONE of those problesm? This is just ANOTHER waste of time to cover for their total ineffectiveness?

    Neat. Just a preview of things to come under the Biden administration.

  11. I get a lotta stuff sent my way from family/friends. Links, videos, chats, interviews – definitely not in the mainstream, but which sound legit and authentic. Maybe it’s just what I want to hear, but:

    It all points to Trump getting inaugurated next week…

    And a whole lotta other stuff in the meantime!

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