Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Endorses Idea Trump Should Be Executed

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Former CIA Director Michael Hayden endorsed the execution of Donald Trump following a Washington Post report that the FBI raided the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in search of classified documents related to nuclear weapons.

Hayden responded to a tweet from presidential historian Michael Beschloss, now an MSNBC contributor. Beschloss not so subtly suggested the U.S. ought to execute Trump like Julius and Ethel Rosenburg. The Rosenburgs were Soviet spies who gave nuclear details to Moscow in 1953.

On Friday, Trump published a series of posts on the Truth Social app saying the FBI seized documents that had been declassified. Trump adds that the FBI could have taken these documents at any point before.

However, Hayden isn’t waiting for the facts. Rather, he made up his mind: the U.S. government should kill Donald Trump.

Before becoming a full-time anti-Trump tweeter, Hayden co-signed a letter that falsely declared Hunter Biden’s laptop a piece of “Russian disinformation.” 

Hayden interfered in the 2020 presidential election and is now calling for Trump’s head, literally.

This is who once ran the CIA: an incompetent partisan. Therein lies why the public’s trust in U.S. institutions hit another all-time low this summer. 

Hayden published op-eds following Jan. 6 about the dangers of harsh rhetoric and his concerns that the GOP had grown accustomed to inciting violence. You read that correctly: a guy calling for the death of a former president spent almost two years railing against political extremism.

One could argue that Twitter may want to police the endorsement of executing Donald Trump. Twitter is back in the business of moderating content, after all. But apparently, Twitter doesn’t mind. Hayden’s tweet has been up for almost an entire day.

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