Trump-DeSantis Split Could Debilitate Republicans In 2024: Tomi Lahren

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If the Democrats were hoping the hit job on Mar-A-Lago would end Trump’s political career, they are sadly mistaken.

But maybe, they aren’t so stupid after all. Here’s Tomi Lahren’s theory, because it’s time for Final Thoughts.

I’ve had a little time to digest that BS raid on Mar-A-Lago and I’ve come to the
conclusion the Democrats and RINO of the right might be even more slimy, calculated, and diabolical than I initially thought.

Initially — and still partly do — I thought those behind it were hoping to end Trump’s political career and 2024 ambitions. That another scandal would be the kill shot in the MAGA movement. But after really thinking it over and considering how evil yet incredibly and meticulously calculated the Left is, another theory dawned on me.

Though they may have been living on the prayer they’d stumble upon and find a mystical smoking gun, I don’t think that’s why they did it. In fact, I think they KNEW the unprecedented move would only galvanize more support for Trump and maybe, just maybe, they’re okay with that. Why on Earth, you ask? Well…as much as I do firmly believe they’re terrified of taking on Trump in 2024 (both the Democrats and the RINOs) I believe they are more terrified of this man.

Stay with me on this… up until this raid it was starting to look like the MAGA movement was coalescing around Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump.

After all, DeSantis is a highly approved of governor, a political bulldog, a strong speaker and a kick ass leader WITHOUT all the baggage, scandal and controversy of Trump precisely why he poses a YUGE threat to Democrats.

I am starting to think the Left is actually coating Trump into announcing before the midterms so they can use that as a November talking point and even more so, divide the GOP into two camps, Trump versus DeSantis.

That split in our party would be damn near debilitating and it’s perhaps the only thing that could save the White House for Democrats- not for Joe he’ll be in the nursing home by then- but likely Gavin Newsom.

Are they trying to trick us into in-fighting by firing up Trump supporters?
I think so and I think many of us are already taking the bait.

Look, I’d love to see Ron OR Don win in 2024 but I have a strong feeling DeSantis is the shoe-in without the liability.

It’s something to think about and I say that as a vocal and longtime Trump supporter who will forever be grateful and indebted to Trump for all he did and does.

I just think we need to play this smart and not fall into emotional landmines rigged up by the slimy Left. Stay vigilant and stay smart, my friends.

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  1. DeSantis steamrolls Biden or any dem in 2024. Trump is too radioactive to run again, it’s the democrats only chance of maintaining control of the White House in 2024. Trump’s ego gets in his own way, and won’t allow him to keep is eye on the prize. He gets distracted and tries to win every sidebar with the press, trips over his own tongue, and we’ll get 2020 all over again. This is why Don flopped in those daily press conferences during the early stages of the covid pandemic. We don’t need a 78 year old against an 82 year old in a rematch for the Presidency. We need Ron DeSantis. The GOP needs DeSantis, the USA needs DeSantis, and the World needs DeSantis. Somebody close to Trump, maybe his kids, maybe Conway, maybe Kushner, somebody he trusts needs to drill it in his head how important it is, that he sit out this race. We need to all check our pride, our reservations about the prior election, all the BS that’s happened since then, and realize the enormity of the consequences should Trump run in 2024. He’s the ONLY GOP candidate that can lose. Not only that, but he only has one term of eligibility left. He’ll be a lame duck by 2027.

  2. I’ve said the same thing for months now. Trump brought the Antifa in suits pulling Ole Dementia Joe to the podium, into the open and exposed the useful idiots politically; Pelosi, Clinton, Kerry & Gore with their build back green investment agenda they so heavily backed personally and for their hedge fund buddies aligned with Klaus Schwabs Fourth Reich. Newsom is a graduate of Schwabs WEF indoctrination scholarship program and is the anointed one to finish the dismantling of democracy and capitalism.
    Trump as an outsider, was necessary for that exposure and is uniquely qualified to fight the character assassination and disinformation, as his ego means he fights back.
    The best thing he can do for the US and the West now, is endorse a younger, new wave of DeSantis, Abbott, Noem who can not only see 8 possible years to undo this Marxist march thru bureaucracy, but actually have experience dealing with them that helps them clear bureaucratic roadblocks and cut tiers of red and green tape and associated indoctrinated woke employees.
    Keep the exposure going Trump, but show the world this isn’t one ego bruised man against the swamp, but a legitimate democratic defence of the majority of the population.

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