Trump: ‘I May Even Decide To Beat Them For A Third Time’

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Sunday, former President Trump returned to the stage at the 2021 CPAC, his first public appearance since leaving the White House. With much enthusiasm, the crowd has erupted several times since Trump came out.

Unsurprisingly, the crowd’s favorite moment thus far came when Trump said he may — just may — decide to run in 2024 and beat the Democrats:

After that, Trump drew loud cheers for saying what needed to be said: young Americans should be back in school immediately.

Of course, Trump got in some shots at the media, notably Chris Wallace, who doesn’t appear to have many fans in the crowd:

Trump has blasted the Biden administration numerous times, including for inaccurate claims about vaccine availability, canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, and wasting money on the W.H.O.

Word is Trump could go on for two hours.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. Hate to say it, but Trump running in 2024 would be another disaster for sane America and exactly what the loonies on the left are clamoring for.

    Trump’s machismo made it incredibly easy for a bunch of otherwise losers to portray him as a terrible human being. Millions of sheeple still believe he’s a white supremacist/woman hater. They are far too easy to manipulate.

    Give me DeSantis, Cotton, maybe even Shapiro as a dark horse. Shapiro/Owens would be a hell of a ticket. I pity the fool who tries out debate them.

    • Hate to say it also, but you are right that the sheeple are far too easy to manipulate. Jack Dorsey, Lebron James, Hollywood, big tech, and all other liberal elites will play their game all over again and the sheeple will believe the same lies all over again.

  2. Well lowest unemployment among all races in decades building the wall to secure our southern border reduced taxes for business and individuals reducing regulations on business bringing troops home no new wars treaties in the Middle East between Israel and Arab nations keystone pipeline helping us become an energy exporter fast tracking the vaccine for the covid nah we don’t anymore of that stuff. We want more career politicians that talk a lot but don’t do squat.

      • Sorry Robert, but you are sadly mistaken. The election was STOLEN, had little to do with Mr. Trump’s ego. The five or six swing states broke the law before the election, during, and after the election. The courts, including the Supremes, failed the country. Wake the fuck up.

        • Steve, I agree, the election was stolen. I am still in agreement with Robert though…..Take a name Robert mentioned, Ben Shapiro, for example. Ben Shapiro has great skill in fighting back against big tech and liberal media manipulation. It would be harder for liberals to corner Ben and paint him as evil. Of course the liberals would try. that’s what they do. I just think it would be harder for them to do it to Ben. And if Ben had an election stolen from him, I think he would be more adept, intelligent, and “cool handed” so to speak, in handling it, and Ben would have shone a light on the corruption in a manner which even many of the sheeple could understand. We are living in a time of evil manipulations. I have more confidence in someone like Ben Shapiro’s ability to deal with it than I do in Trumps. …But yes, I agree with you that swing states broke the law before, during, and after the election. In their own words, in their own admission, they “fortified” the election

      • Trump outlined the plan: Bring the RINOs to heel and consolidate the message, focus on POLICY, and rally (LOUDLY) around the flag, the constitution, and freedom of speech. It’s a deceptively easy recipe regardless of the media and big tech issues.

  3. Trump beats Hillary and then gets nearly 12 million more votes in 2020, increases his percentage of black voters, Hispanics, and women, and wins 18 out of 19 bell weather states. Historically that’s an automatic win if not a landslide. Many swing state counties (which typically turn out around 60%) recorded voting numbers near 100% of those registered. Bunkered Biden gets 13% more votes than Obama in 2008? Trump’s ego was not the issue.

    • A lot of that is true about winning over more minorities etc., but you didn’t include why he lost. Trump alienated suburban white women, who could not stand his style. They fled from him in droves that more than countered Trumps minority gains. Trump was his worst enemy there. He couldn’t ever tone it down, and that’s why he lost. Gotta stop pretending some massive conspiracy is what lost the election.

      • We can agree to disagree. Nothing I mentioned was conspiracy theory. I didn’t even bring up the major role big tech and MSM played. They collectively suppressed the Hunter Biden news and any other negative story on China Joe. Did the unconstitutional violation of state election laws which occurred in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin play a part? The answer is yes.

      • Bingo Mick, I’ve spoken to many of those suburban women and it’s exactly as you say, they could not vote for “orange man bad”, so they either didn’t vote or reluctantly voted Biden.

        I politely pressed a few of those Ladies for examples of why Trump is “bad”, a few could google tweets he sent out that were certainly pompous sounding, and unbecoming of the President, but nothing supported the absurdity that he was a racist/misogynist. No more than any average 70 something male. Trump just spoke his mind a bit too openly.

        Like it or not, perception is reality in politics.

    • You’re right. Trump outdid Biden in those states, but somehow not in 7 major cities? Including 90% of military in PA? Bull. And why does anyone think they won’t do it to a DeSantos, or anyone else. Unless the election system is fixed, Republicans won’t ever win.

  4. Agree with many posters here. I think the best thing is for Trump to be a huge voice in the party drumming up support but for a new candidate to emerge that does not bring so much pre-disposed baggage to the table and can also run for a second term (that’s another thing people overlook with a potential Trump 2024 run – he would be one and done no matter what). Let’s let him throw his full weight behind a DeSantis or someone else and reap the benefits while he can retire without having to deal with another 4 years of media abuse. The entire nation would be much better off if this happened.

  5. Kristi Noem stole the show. I would love to see Democrats try to tear her down. She should wipe the floor with any Democrat in an election. If Republicans have been overtaken by losers who believe the election was stolen then don’t bother with a winner like Noem.

  6. I love Kristi, but is the Guvnor of SD ready to be President of the most powerful government in the world? I’d take her in a heartbeat over any Dem but you can certainly see where the opposition could poke holes in her experience level.

    I’d love to see her on the 2024 ticket as VP and a future Presidential contender.

  7. DeSantis/Noem is the ticket if Trump doesn’t run. But if massive election fraud isn’t exposed and stopped, it may not matter.
    Trump will be king maker in 2022. Lets see how many seats he can win with his endorsements.

  8. The sad part is that Trump did so much good for the country, all races and religions included. His policies were very America centric, which is what we needed after the eight years of the previous administration.
    The problem was his presentation. He was the antithesis of Obama. Obama’s policies were shit, especially foreign poilicy. But he was a good, smooth speaker and came across very likable. White, suburban women swooned over him. If only Trump had toned his act down he would have won in a landslide.

  9. Lets face it unless they fix the mail in balloting voting irregularities no republican is going to win Trump won this election for me to believe Biden won I and you have to believe he garnered more votes than anyone in history didn’t campaign hardly coherent I mean come on man that’s a bridge too far.

  10. You have to win votes, period. Academics, government workers and the permanently unemployed are always going to vote Democrat. So the Republican candidate needs to capitalize on as many middle and upper middle class “productive” American votes as possible. Trump like any polarizing figure was adored by many by also detested by many. I was surprised how many suburban women and also beta males I spoke to who refused to vote for him, or worse, voted for Gramps.

    I do really like the DeSantis/Noem ticket. Noem brings back the suburban moms, and DeSantis seems bullet proof. Smart, good looking guy who captained the baseball team at Yale and effectively runs one of the 4 largest states in the country.

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