Trump Calls Border Crisis A ‘Cesspool Of Humanity’

As an estimated 14,000 immigrants, reportedly mostly Haitians, congregate under a Texas bridge with sights set on America, former President Donald Trump called the burgeoning situation a “cesspool of humanity.”

“​The largest number of illegal aliens in the history of our Country are pouring in by the millions. They are totally unchecked and unvetted, can do whatever they want, and go wherever they want​,” Trump said in an emailed statement. “​Our Country is rapidly becoming a cesspool of humanity. Murderers, drug dealers, and criminals of all shapes and sizes are a big part of this massive migration​.”

The group of migrants have reportedly been camping out in squalid conditions under the bridge in Del Rio, Texas, hoping to be arrested and processed into the American system.

During the Trump administration, Democrats used the southern border as a particular point of criticism, often citing “kids in cages” as the ultimate affront. Congresswoman AOC even famously posed for a series of staged photos in which she was crying, though context revealed that her vantage point was too far away to even see anything personally.

Now that Democrats have control of the government, however, the border is bursting like never before, prompting the Biden administration to close air traffic around the area in order to save face from news drones.

It’s the latest in a series of missteps from a Biden administration that appears completely hapless by all reasonable metrics.

“Tens of thousands of people are coming from Haiti, and many now from countries in Africa, even more so now than South America. Nothing is done and the corrupt Mainstream Media is giving almost no attention to what will be perhaps the greatest Crisis in the history of our Country​,” said Trump, noting that it’s not only a crisis at the border, it’s a “Crisis Crisis.”​

Biden began rolling back or dumping many of Trump’s immigration policies as soon as he entered office. That decision led many immigrants in Mexico and Central American countries to believe they would be welcome in the US.​

Last month alone, there were more than 200,000 encounters with illegal immigrants at our border — the second straight month the number exceeded 200,000.​

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. 14,000 is there nobody doing anything can’t they just not let them in turn them around and say go home oh and entering Mexico illegally is a Felony this whole deal is an invasion of our country hard to believe this is happening pathetic and disgusting

  2. Why doesn’t Texas do something to stop this? Do they not care about their state being a staging ground for human trafficking, drug trade, and invasion? It’s their state border too. Send national guard to shut it down. What’s maddening is no one in DC or Texas will DO or TRY to do anything whatsoever to stop this. They’re complicit.

  3. To anyone who still thinks the Great Reset is just a conspiracy theory I would point you to the cover of June 2020 TIME Magazine where it is profiled.

    And then the World Economic Forum advertisement which states that open borders will be standard practice.

  4. The swamp is deliberately allowing this to happen. They don’t want to stop it. Eventually, European countries and the US will be 3rd world with China sitting on top with tremendous power. They are laughing at how easy this transformation is happening. They don’t even have to lift a military finger. They’re just letting us and the dopey Europeans fuck ourselves in the name of diversity and equity.

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