Pollwatch: We Are Near

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Each week, OutKick updates you on the latest polls for the 2020 presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Here are the most recent numbers via RealClear Politics:

With just two weeks left, polls aren’t likely to shift significantly. The question remains: are they accurate?

For months, surveys have shown a strong lead for Joe Biden, and map projections have the Democratic nominee annihilating the incumbent Trump. FiveThirtyEight says Biden has an 88 in 100 chance to win.

Barring a collapse on the debate stage Thursday, expect Biden to go into election day as the clear favorite.

Rasmussen, however, indicates Trump’s support is underestimated — with a 48% total approval. It’s close, but Trump needs to flip that to 52-48 in his favor before Nov 3.

Is this 2016 all over again?

Four years ago, many voters didn’t like either candidate. We heard a lot about “the lesser of two evils.” Each report, real or bogus, swung minds. This year, stories only strengthen Americans’ current positions.

The New York Post‘s bombshell on Hunter Biden and the New York Times‘ report on Trump’s taxes mean more to voters who have long made up their minds than to undecideds.

“See? He doesn’t pay taxes!” Biden voters yell.

“I told you! Joe and Hunter are crooked!” Trump supporters tweet before losing access to their accounts.

No impact.

15 short days to go.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. The Electoral College has to cast their votes on Dec. 14 this year.
    If Pelosi/Schumer’s 4 years of resistance/obstruction continue, then their FINAL effort would be this one, and the Electoral Count Act of 1887 (“ECA”) would be used to decide.
    The ECA was enacted because the election of 1876 could not be decided at the ballot box.

    So that’s where the ECA comes in…


  2. From pollster John Zogby (a Dem BTW) “Some of the polls that have come out I find troubling. The polling samples are inaccurate.” He goes on to say most polls are simply trying to suppress the Trump vote. Basically calls them crooked. Zogby has the race essentially a dead heat, and their record is pretty good.

  3. Every plan the Dims have backfires. Manipulate the polls so Trump supporters think it’s a waste of time coming out on Election Day.

    Meanwhile, not only will we be out in force, we’ll be celebrating on Election Night. Nate Silver is a bigger hack than Karen Rovell.

    Must be nice to have an employer that doesn’t pay you based on merit and performance.

  4. Every person I know, including myself, that voted for Trump in 2016 is fired up more than ever to vote for him again. And I keep seeing polls that Trump is not doing well with suburban women, but yet, when I see his rallies, it appears there are at least as many women as men, if not more, at his rallies.

    I live in a suburban neighborhood, and several women have told me they are voting for Trump. So once again, what I’m seeing in these so called “polls”, does not square with what I’m seeing.

  5. I told my boss that I was worn out from this weekend’s activities. I told him don’t worry my wife will come in for me. I said I can be at work on Thursday night.

    He fired me and said you are not Joe Biden.

  6. Stop for a second and think about this……The media has been lying to us about nearly everything when it comes to Trump. I mean nearly everything. They hate him SOOOOO Much. Why would you believe the polls? Just step back and believe your eyes. Everyone sees the crowds for him, the yard signs, the articles that Trump is doing historically well with Hispanics and Blacks. The Trafalger Group is the ONLY poll that got 2016 and 2018 right and guess what……they are the only poll that has Trump up. Trump will win and it will not be close.

  7. The polls are bogus and Freddy is a tool. They said rally attendance didn’t matter and Hillary had a 90% chance to win in 2016. How’d that work out?

    Trump wins with 320 to 324 electoral colleges votes!

  8. As divisive as Trump can be, whether by his own tweets or by the way he is portrayed in the media, he is still a far better choice than Biden. If Biden wins I think you will see his presidency be shortened by dementia or the quid pro quo involving his son. I was on the fence in 2016 until the email deal blew up on Hillary, that deal just smelled really bad and I ultimately voted for Trump.

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