Trump Is Helping Democrats By Staying in the News, Distracting From Biden’s Blunders

The last time Chuck Todd made a point, he botched it by weirdly claiming he doesn’t see a liberal bias in the media. What a strange few words to connect. This time around, Todd made the country think with his commentary. While on Today, Todd claimed that former President Donald Trump is helping Democrats by staying in the news.

Here are Todd’s comments:

“[Trump] the single greatest asset the Democratic Party has right now,” Todd said. “Without Donald Trump in the way, I think the Democratic Party’s problems would be a bit more in the spotlight, if you will.”

Todd isn’t wrong.

Biden is failing on all fronts, namely at the border. The media can’t defend Biden anymore. There is nothing to support. The border is a disaster, gas prices are cringe-worthy, the man can’t speak, he never takes questions, and his vaccine mandate aimed at employers is ludicrous. So the media will criticize Biden –and they have, there was no other choice. However, CNN and the rest of the crew will only do so if there is not another topic in the news. And, of course, Trump can’t stop providing a topic or two.

Unlike past former presidents, Trump isn’t going away. Each rally, TV interview, and released statement halts the news cycle as producers gather together to see how they can spin Trump’s comments negatively. Moreover, Trump makes it easy.

On Saturday, Trump said that Democrat Stacey Abrams “might be better” than Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Republican governor. Trump remains upset with Kemp after he refused to assist Trump in overturning Georgia’s election results in 2020. Thus, media outlets made Trump’s pettiness and failed efforts to overturn the election the story on Monday.

Trump gave the press a handout at a consequential time. It allowed the outlets to waste time on his comments, instead of Biden’s lie that border patrol officials whipped Haitian migrants. And Biden did lie.

So it comes down to whether Trump feels he must stay in the conversation to win in 2024, assuming he plans on running for president. Bill O’Reilly, who knows Trump as well as anyone in the media, says Trump does, indeed, think he needs to hold onto relevancy ahead of 2024. Yet that’s a questionable approach.

Trump’s base is not leaving him. He has them locked in for 2024. In addition, humans naturally miss people more when they are gone. Therefore, voters on the fence are more likely to realize Trump was better than Biden after he’s out of the spotlight a bit than following a rally in 2021.

“Donald Trump is a huge asset right now to the Democratic Party and President Biden,” Chuck Todd concludes.

I don’t know if “huge” is the correct word. But Trump isn’t hurting the Democratic Party and President Biden by staying in the news. Let Biden self-destruct with the most eyeballs possible. A betting man would wager such an outcome.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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    Having said that, who else can fire up the base like Trump? Who else will fight like Trump? Until a satisfactory answer to both questions can be given I’m convinced he’s the best we’ve got.

    I say this as someone who was against Trump in the primaries. If you don’t support him at this point you’re probably just not a conservative. Even Glenn Beck has figured this out.

  2. Why doesn’t Outkick cover the fact that that there was voter fraud in Arizona confirmed by a forensic audit that most likely would give Trump Arizona’s 11 electoral votes? Main stream media reports the audit confirmed the tally but didn’t tell us tens of thousands of those same ballots were fraudulent. Furthermore, the audit confirmed criminal activity took place with the destruction of thousands of digital files within the election hardware/software the very day before they were to be turned over for the audit. Grow some kahonies guys….

  3. Trump is simply filling a void. There aren’t many charismatic Republicans out there who inspire…anyone. The base is more charismatic, passionate and willing to “go to the mattresses” about major issues than the leaders of their own party, which is pathetic. The base seemingly has to drag the Republican Party along kicking and screaming on key issues to keep them from going off the range. They need to clean house and cut out all the dead wood.

  4. Well I wanted to comment but I keep getting diverted due to pop ups. This has been an on going issue. I feel like I’m trying to log into AOL on a dial up server. Or when u call a number and it’s a fax machine beep. Teeth clinching frustration. Anyways, I agree with Bobby. And I’m big Trump supporter . That only took me 15 minutes. Fuck

  5. Like or dislike Trump, I think objectively he is bad for this country. I fear that if he runs again (a) he won’t win becuase the Demokkkrats won’t let him; or (b) if he wins we will have a civil war. We need Reagan 2.0 not more division.

    • Please objectively name the policies that Trump did that were bad for this country I liked the remain in Mexico while your being processed and our southern border was being controlled , I also like the record low unemployment including in the minority community also the renogiated trade deals in favor of American workers and the keystone pipeline.

      • It is not about his policies. Look how the Demokkkrats encouraged people to burn our country over fake racism last year. Look how they stole the election. Having Trump around triggers the Demokkkrats and is not good for the nation. That is my point. I agree with everything you posted but I know Demokkkrats can’t handle Trump and will do anything to end this country if he is elected.

  6. Yet another bad take from Soft Bob. Biden could drop his pants and take a shit in front of the Tomb of the Unknown soldier and the MSM would not cover it. If they did, they’d likely applaud it as brave and testament to the strength of Joe’s digestive system.

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