New Poll Shows Donald Trump with Double-Digit Lead Over Joe Biden Among Independent Voters

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A new CBS News/YouGov America poll shows President Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by 10 points among independents.

Of the 957 registered voters surveyed, 47% of the independents said that they would vote for Trump; 37% said Democratic presidential nominee Biden.

97% of participants, who identified as independents, said they plan to vote in November. That same percentage described their support for Biden or Trump as either “very strong – I’ve decided,” or “strong – I probably won’t change.”

While Trump still trails Biden in overall support, he’s gaining ground. Last week’s CNN survey showed Trump slashing June’s 14-point deficit down to just 4 points

With such strong disapproval each way, recent polls have supporters of both parties on edge. Adding to the feeling: there are still months of anxiety left with potentially momentum-swinging events.

Furthermore, there are Americans who have no faith in the polls. Which, after 2016, is reasonable.

Upcoming polls will reflect the reaction to Trump’s second-term agenda, which he released Sunday. Additionally, the belief, if re-elected, he could execute it.

71 days to go. Hold on.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. Newt Gingrich has a good article making the rounds today where he predicts a very comfortable win for Trump. Coincidently Newt predicted a Trump win in August 2016 when no one else thought he had a chance.

    I think the election will be a microcosm of America, a small noisy minority of people are rioting and bitching about how much they hate the country, but for everyone one of those clowns there are 10 people who are busy working and raising their families. The latter will vote Republican across the ticket.

  2. Stand by for the next Dem conspiracy theory after this poll. Russia. Ukraine and impeachment. Racist. Started Covid. Now it’s the US Postal Service. You know they’re getting desperate when they’re claiming postal service tampering. You know its nervous time for them. Maybe Schiff announces he has evidence that President Trump is the Zodiak killer. That will be their ace in the hole. Break that one out on November 2nd if things really start looking bad for them .

    • You’re right, Brock. This will be the last best hope of man to save the country and the planet for our children and grandchildren. They need to learn we’re an EVIL country.
      And it’s all dependent on the US postal Service Hoax. Anybody buying it???
      Obama removed 12,000 mailboxes between 2011 and 2016 (2012 election in there…anybody in the media come up with conspiracy theories?).

  3. Trump fans, you all need to be careful. The bar has been set so low for Biden in debates that as long as he drools it’ll be considered at least a push. Be careful: The last thing dementia impacts is old, practiced memories. That’s what allowed people like David Cassidy and Glen Campbell to perform well into their affliction: They just put it into overdrive. Same with Biden, putting him in front of a microphone to blather on with political epithets is something he has been doing for 50 pulls years. Be careful.

    We will see.

    • Hey Joey…only thing is he’s not gonna be strumming some chords…he’s answering questions…and then responding to The Prez’ criticisms of his (Biden’s) initial answers.
      He can’t look offstage for help from Jilly Jell-O.

    • I agree with you, I think Biden will be fine for Debates, we’ve reached the point where both sides will declare an epic victory regardless of what actually happens. Biden has spent his whole life doing this, its quite possibly the only exceptional talent he has.

  4. Joey, good point and I agree. Thus the importance of impartial, fair moderators who won’t ask creampuff questions that allow for generic, pre-scripted answers. Specific questions that require specific answers…which requires brain power…thus the audience can generally tell if the candidate at least has a basic grip of that issue. Chris Wallace will ask such questions, and sometimes Jake Tapper. But we don’t want Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon (or Sean Hannity, for that matter). You want a straight news journalist as inquisitors, not opinion journalists. Biden will struggle when his bromides are met with follow up questions.

  5. The RNC killed it yesterday. Upbeat, optimistic, aspirational, human, and RATIONAL. From Haley to Scott to Walker to Gonzalez to Klacik, to that Parkland father speaking, about his daughter, Meadow, it was a sight to see and hear. Don Jr. calling Biden the Loch Ness monster of the swamp was a cherry on top.

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