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What to Make of Donald Trump Saying He’s Made a Decision About 2024

Just how miserable will the Left be in 2024? That’s what’s at stake. Since January, former President Donald Trump has dodged the question of whether he will run for president in 2024. Although many have tried to get him to spill, Trump ain’t budging. On Hannity, however, Trump raised eyebrows, saying he has made a decision. What is the decision? Well, he left that part out. HANNITY: "Would you like to see [Trump] run again in 2024?" *crowd cheers* HANNITY: "Have you made up your mind?" TRUMP: "Yes" — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) July 1, 2021 It’s hard to interpret that “yes” as anything other than that Trump plans to run in 2024. Keyword: plans. Regardless of Trump’s current leaning, he has three years to change his mind. Then change his mind again. Trump has two cards to play. And he’s playing them both. First, an announcement drives the news cycle for a day or two, but hints can drive segments on cable news for months or even years. Without social media, speculation is Trump’s greatest promotional tool. Like any TV performer, Trump is going to tease this until the end. Second, and most importantly, Trump will have tremendous influence over […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.