Troy Aikman Addresses Flyover Controversy, The Baker Mayfield Cycle & Mookie Betts Secures Free Tacos

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Doc Emrick announced his retirement and has a new book out this week

I’ll admit, I don’t read many books these days. I lack the free time to sit down and commit to a few hundred pages of material. But Tuesday I went ahead and bought Hockey Hall of Fame broadcaster Doc Emrick’s new book Off Mike: How a Kid from Basketball-Crazy Indiana Became America’s NHL Voice. I rammed through 162 of 225 pages last night. Doc, who actually has his doctorate, takes readers on his journey from being a teenager interested in baseball to his first hockey game in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This move instantly flipped a switch in his head and led to an obsession with hockey. The book travels through the low minors all the way to Emrick’s rise to the NHL and introduces the reader to characters Mike meets along the way. 

Emrick, 74, announced this week he won’t be returning to NBC when the next NHL season begins. 

And in positive NFL news, the Saints have been approved to let fans into the Superdome. November home games will have up to 6,000 fans, a that number goes up to 15,000 in December.

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  1. Aikman didn’t exactly address that “Kamala/Biden” phraseology or infatuation, did he.
    He really thinks they’d be better for the America, the flag and the military that he claims to respect in his claimed unwavering patriotism?
    Nah, doesn’t seem like it.
    Scrambling because he got caught.
    Meanwhile, has born-on-third-base Buck offered up any additional comments on his snide remarks fretting over jet fuel?

    • Totally agree, Lorne…he got caught with his pants down tryin’ to zoom Little Bucky.
      “Hey Bucky…look over there, a flyover…no, no, bend over a little further so you can see out the booth.”

      Like you say…never addressed the Comma-la-Biden wording…hmmm…and then chuckles how flyovers ain’t gonna happen with them two…hmmm. What’s that got to do with the mostly empty stadium…nuffin.
      “Odd to see one over a mostly empty stadium,” he says?
      Well you’re in a mostly empty stadium, Troy…
      You’re there for the TV viewers, right? So maybe the TV viewers appreciate a flyover? Gone in 10 seconds or less, but I always loved seeing one on TV.

      And bottom line…jet pilots gotta fly…practice their craft…kinda like your NASCAR team, Troy, no?
      Or do they just show up race day and hop into the car and hit the gas peddle?
      Jets were in the area anyway, MacDill AFB is maybe gone in 60 seconds from Tampa Stadium.
      Just take it like a man, Troy…say you’re a hypocrite who’s been flying private since before the Twin Towers were hit, you’re a Texas purple/blue kinda guy but you’ll still sign autographs for the troops when they fawn over you. “Alamo Troy”, that’s who I am!

  2. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck have dropped their drawers. Complaining about the ‘obscene’ cost of flyovers and thanking their stars for Biden and Harris’ belated banning of such just shows stupidity.

    These flights would be conducted whether their were flew over a full or empty stadium, or a mountain range that doesn’t give a damn about sonic booms.

    As explained before many times since Mr. Aikman took off his helmet for the last time — these flights are training missions that will take place regardless of their fly-over locations. No extra money. Two birds with one stone. Keep your mike clicked off if you plan to show your politics.

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