Trey Sermon Goes Beast Mode, Ohio State Likely Making CFB Playoffs

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Ohio State came out sluggish in the first half against Northwestern today. Northwesterrn was up 10-6 relatively deep into the third quarter. The turning point came when Northwestern missed a field goal that would’ve put them up 13-6. From then on, Ohio State dominated the game and nearly had a miraculous cover of their 17-point spread before being stopped inside the five in the final minute.

The clear key performer of the game for Ohio State was running back Trey Sermon, who carried the ball 29 times for 331 yards and two touchdowns. The workhorse running back has come out of vogue in football, but when you’ve got a really good one it can still swing really big games.

Now, it is highly probable that Ohio State will make the College Football Playoffs. I have a hard time envisioning a scenario where Texas A&M would be selected over them, even with the argument that the Aggies played that many more games and Ohio State had an unfair advantage here. Texas A&M’s playoff hopes rest with either Notre Dame beating Clemson for a second time, or Clemson crushing Notre Dame so badly it invalidates the game that Trevor Lawrence missed.


Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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  1. Here is an interesting way to look at this. Ohio State did not play a top ten team in compiling their 6-0 record. 8-1 Texas A & M ‘s only loss is to the number #1 in the country in Alabama and also had a stronger overall schedule than OSU. What if Covid had cancelled the A&M-Alabama game and they finished 8_0? Would they be in? They are actually being punished for playing and losing to #1.

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