Trevor Lawrence & Girlfriend Marissa Mowry Have A Beach Day Hair-Off

Just imagine how bad Head & Shoulders wants to get their hands on Trevor Lawrence’s hair and how much they’d pay him this fall — if rona was out of the picture and it was a normal fall football season and the NCAA finalized a likeness rule. Trevor Lawrence would set the market for hair marketing deals amongst NCAA quarterbacks for the next decade.

That was reinforced Monday when Trevor and girlfriend Marissa Mowry hit up an undisclosed beautiful beach for an old fashioned Instagram Story college couple hair-off. We’re running out of days in the summer for hair-offs as a return to campus looms so it’s imperative to get out this week and unleash the locks as Trevor did Monday. Marissa will go back to Anderson University to play soccer and Trevor’s looking at a second national title and the No. 1 overall draft pick.

Let’s get back to the hair-off. As a guy with not much hair left, I have to sit back and appreciate the flow, the hairline and think back to summers long ago when going to the pool meant bleached hair that would get .5% of the coolness as Trevor’s hair.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be able to judge Marissa’s hair in this hair-off. Beach hair, don’t care seems the logical response here. This is how hair should look this time of year during a hair-off. I’m thinking Trevor added some sort of hair PED knowing they were going to have a hair-off.

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via IG Story


Trevor Lawrence
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Written by Joe Kinsey

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