Trevor Lawrence: ‘Cool To See’ New Coach Doug Pederson Prioritizing Trust

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If you didn’t know any better, you’d think second-year QB Trevor Lawrence is taking snaps for the NBA’s 76ers. The reason: Lawrence clearly trusts the process instilled by new head coach Doug Pederson.

“Having the head coach be able to step in, even today a couple times, three or four times, after a play, he’ll come over and give me a little tip or whatever,” Lawrence said of Pederson after Jacksonville’s OTA’s. “Just having a head coach that can do that and really, really knows what he’s talking about is cool.”

Lawrence specifically mentioned that since Pederson played quarterback in the NFL, he communicates with Lawrence in a different way than those who hadn’t previously been in his shoes. “I can have a conversation (about a play) and Coach Pederson’s great about that,” Lawrence added.


“At every play, he gives you a piece of feedback that another coach might not give you just because he knows what it’s like and it’s something little that he might see that someone else doesn’t see.”

Quarterbacking experience aside, Lawrence has been most impressed by his new coach’s ability to mold a group of men into a team via trust.

“That’s the biggest thing in a team is just trusting each other, trusting the guys in the locker room but also the staff,” Lawrence said. “That’s something, clearly, we didn’t have a lot of last year, so I mean I think our locker room did a great job last year of staying together.”

The lack of trusting one another was apparent in the Jags’ 3-14 record from a season ago. Pederson seems poised to fix that in a hurry. “But it’s cool to see (Pederson) make that a priority and he knows and understands that that is definitely something that we have to make sure that we have in this building.”

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Written by Anthony Farris

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