Trevor Bauer Faces New Accusations As Woman Claims Ex-MLB Pitcher Held Her At Knifepoint

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Embattled pitcher Trevor Bauer is facing new accusations which stem from a civil lawsuit filed last year in Arizona.

According to USA Today, another woman has made claims against Bauer saying in court documents that the incident occurred in Arizona in 2020. In her court filings, the woman alleges that Bauer raped her, got her pregnant, and held her at knifepoint.

The woman filed her suit against Bauer last year and is the fourth woman to publically levy allegations of sexual misconduct against the former Cy Young winner.

Accuser Paints Frightening Picture Of Alleged Incident

In her claim, the woman says that she had multiple encounters with Bauer in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. One such encounter is alleged to have happened on December 12, 2020, while watching a UFC fight with the former Dodgers, Reds, Indians, and Diamondbacks ace.

“The Defendant swiftly caught me off guard and held me at knife point,” the woman’s court filing says. “The Defendant placed his jagged steak knife to my throat. I was stunned and did not dare to move. The Defendant asked me, ‘Have you ever been held at knife point?’ to which I hesitantly respond, ‘No.’ The Defendant took a deep breath in and exhaled. The Defendant’s steak knife scratched my throat as he released me and I got up from his lap.”

The accuser also claims that days later, Bauer choked her with her own hair. That incident, she says, left her bedridden and required medical attention.

In an amended version of the filing, the woman also claims that another incident took place in March 2021. She says that in this instance Bauer slammed her against her computer and broke the screen.

She is asking for $3.7 million and an “apology to any women the defendant has sexually humiliated and abused against their consent.”

Trevor Bauer Yokohama Bay Stars
Former Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer is currently playing in Japan. (Photo by Kyodo News/Sipa USA)

Bauer Denies These Allegations

Bauer, however, denies these allegations. Additionally, he is countersuing the woman claiming fraud, extortion, and that she fabricated the pregnancy.

The former Cy Young winner’s lawyers also slammed the allegations as “another attempt to harass and extort Mr. Bauer.” They argue that Bauer had one consensual encounter with the woman in Arizona during which the condom he was using broke. Bauer’s team alleges that the woman then asked for $1.6 million to terminate the pregnancy. Additionally, they claim to have a recording of this demand.

Bauer says that he did not agree to that demand and told the woman the choice on whether to have the child was hers, but that he would support her decision. He claims to have paid over $8,700 for her to terminate the pregnancy.

However, Bauer’s countersuit alleges the woman failed to provide medical records proving her pregnancy and its subsequent termination.

“Based on (the woman’s) demand letter and failure to provide any medical records to substantiate her pregnancy or termination thereof, Mr. Bauer now believes that (the woman) fabricated her pregnancy to try to extort him for money,” his countersuit states.

The 32-year-old received a 194-game suspension under the MLB’s sexual assault and domestic abuse policy. He was reinstated in January but went unsigned by a Major League team. He is currently playing in Japan for the Yokohama Bay Stars organization.

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  1. Sounds like extortion. A woman should make these allegations as soon as they happen and then be able to prove an assault took place by a record of a hospital visit for said claim.

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