American Soldier Who Escaped To North Korea Was Recently Released From South Korean Jail

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American soldier Travis King reportedly was in serious trouble before his an alleged escape to North Korea.

King crossed the border into the communist dictatorship Tuesday, and was taken into custody by agents of the DPRK. Talks have been underway ever since to get him back, and more details are now out.

King had recently been released from South Korean custody after two months in a detention facility after a physical altercation with the locals, according to Fox News.

King made comments after being arrested and while in custody that he didn’t want to return to the USA, according to the same report. Well, he apparently made good on that vow because he cut and run to North Korea. The Army Private 2nd Class was due to return to America in order to face discipline stateside for his physical altercation in South Korea.

Apparently cold communist soup in North Korean custody was more appealing than whatever might have been waiting for King in America.

Travis King’s escape details to North Korea are now known.

One of the immediate questions that came up after King’s escape to North Korea was how the hell could such a thing happen.

It turns out an airport played a crucial role. King was under military supervision and had an escort to make sure he would return to America.

However, the escort couldn’t follow him past airport security, according to Fox News. King entered by himself, left the terminal, joined a tour of the DMZ while in regular clothes and then made a run to Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship.

King made an all-time stupid decision.

There are dumb decisions and then there are decisions so stupid that it’s hard to comprehend them. Escaping to North Korea is in the latter category.

Kim Jong Un executes his enemy with anti-aircraft weapons and his regime oversaw the eventual death of American student Otto Warmbier.

American soldier Travis King is in North Korean custody. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

Travis King was going to be booted out of the military upon returning to America, according to Fox News. Not an ideal situation to be in. Probably incredibly stressful and terrible. However, getting kicked out of the military and remaining in America is certainly a hell of a lot better than being in North Korea.

Best-case scenario is you get turned into a propaganda slave. The worst is you get murdered. Not a gamble you should ever take.

I’d rather be in trouble in America where at least I know I can get a cold beer over being in a North Korean prison.

Will North Korea release Travis King? (Photo credit: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Travis King is in big trouble, and he truly has nobody but himself to blame. Hall of fame level mistake, and I don’t say that as a compliment.

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