Travis Kelce Isn’t A Fan Of Wearing Guardian Caps: ‘Mushroom Helmets That Are Doing Nothing’

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The NFL has mandated certain position players to wear guardian caps throughout training camp. While the soft-shelled helmets are worn for added protection, it doesn’t mean everyone enjoys wearing them. Travis Kelce has made it clear he isn’t a fan of the “mushroom helmets.”

Offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, and tight ends have to wear guardian caps throughout camp. While Kelce understands that the league is simply looking out for his and other players’ well-being, he’s ready to see the guardian caps go.

“I think the guardian caps are silly,” Kelce said. “We’re just out here wearing mushroom helmets that are doing nothing but adding weight to our heads. Hopefully, we can get rid of those so we don’t have to wear them again.”


According to the NFL, if one player is wearing a guardian cap in a collision there is a 10% reduction in the severity of head impact. If both players in the collision are wearing it, then that number increases to 20%.

While you could argue that added protection around the helmet may have some players using even more force with their heads, the NFL’s mandate is meant to create better habits for players.

Chiefs assistant Dave Toub isn’t sold that it’ll teach better habits, but if it reduces head injuries, then that’s a win for everyone.

“I think it’s good right now,” Toub said. “I don’t know that it’s going to teach any habits. It’s only a couple of weeks that we’ve got to wear it. I think if it prevents two or three head injuries that we would have had, it’s a good thing.”

Written by Mark Harris

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