Travis Hunter Accuses ACC Team Of Tampering

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Florida State allegedly attempted to tamper with Travis Hunter.

The superstar defensive back recently announced he was transferring from Jackson State to Colorado to follow Deion Sanders. The move was expected, but that didn’t expect some other teams from trying to acquire Hunter’s skills.

Late Thursday afternoon, Hunter tweeted that the Seminoles “called before I hit the portal,” which would be a clear case of tampering. The talented CB was originally committed to FSU coming out of high school before flipping to JSU.

Tampering didn’t work with Travis Hunter.

Unfortunately, it seems tampering is going to be the new normal moving forward in college football. With NIL money flowing everywhere, teams seem bolder than every to try to steal players.

Travis Hunter claims FSU attempted to tamper with him. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Contacting someone in the portal is fine. That’s going to happen, and that’s how it’s supposed to work. However, hitting up players before they’re in the portal is a textbook definition of tampering.

Clearly, it didn’t work. Hunter followed Deion Sanders to Colorado and will be the top defensive prospect on the team as soon as he laces up his cleats.

Hunter’s story of tampering isn’t the only one we know about.

While Travis Hunter actually named the school that attempted to tamper with him, there have been allegations of unnamed schools offering Drake Maye huge money.

Pat Narduzzi claimed the UNC QB, who isn’t in the portal, was offered $5 million to leave. However, that claim has also been refuted and no concrete proof has been offered.

What we do know for sure is that schools are 100% attempting to poach guys. Whenever a ton of money is involved you can expect some shady business. That’s just human nature.

Fortunately for Deion Sanders and Colorado, Hunter wasn’t having any of it. The same definitely can’t be said for some other players.

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