Trans High School Volleyball Player Uses Vicious Spike Which Seriously Injured Female Opponent In ‘Highlight Reel’

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The mainstream sports media continues to blur the lines between men’s and women’s athletics without much consideration for the potential dangers of having biologically-different athletes competing against each other.

A North Carolina high school volleyball match last month highlighted the ugly side of this narrative when a trans-female, who is biologically male, spiked a ball so hard that it hit a female opponent in the face and bounced several feet back into the net. The girl suffered significant head and neck injuries along with a concussion.

OutKick was one of the few media entities which extensively reported on the incident:


The controversial play in early September during the match between Hiwassee Dam High School (Cherokee County) and Highlands School (Macon County) “shows the female volleyball player getting hit and collapsing, and then staying down for a substantial amount of time.”

Incredibly, a Youtube user posted the video on their page as a career “highlight” for the trans volleyball player. The video slows down, draws a green circle around the player and then shows the vicious spike hitting off the face of the young female with a shocking velocity.

WATCH (Play begins at 00:18):

Comments under the video were critical.

“Why would you include the clip of an athlete’s head & neck being injured due to a 70MPH spike in a highlight video..? What is wrong with you? That’s appalling!” said one commenter.

“How many girls were harmed in the making of this video?” asked another.

The girl who was injured by the vicious spike is was still recovering from the injuries weeks after the hit.

“The girl is still said to be experiencing long-term concussion symptoms, such as vision problems, and has not been cleared to return to play either by a physician or a neurologist,” said Cherokee County board of education member Jeff Tatham following an emergency meeting held by the group on Sept. 21.

The local Cherokee County Board of Education went further by voting to cancel all scheduled games against the trans competitor’s team (Highlands).

Administrative Assistant/Board Liaison Greg Chapman released a statement on the 5-1 vote to cancel the future games.

“Last Wednesday, the Cherokee County Board of Education determined the varsity and junior varsity volleyball teams within Cherokee County’s high schools will not play the Highlands School volleyball  teams due to safety concerns for Cherokee County Schools’ athletes,” the statement read.

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