Trans Day Of Vengeance Will Proceed As Planned After Transgender Shooter Murders Six At Christian School

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The Trans Day of Vengeance event in Washington D.C. will happen as scheduled this Saturday.

Despite the senseless tragedy in Nashville, the Trans Radical Activist Network is planning on gathering in front of the Supreme Court to protest what the organization views as attacks on trans people.

Transgender shooter Audrey Hale, a biological woman, shot and murdered six people at the Christian Covenant School. Three of the victims were young children.

Hale’s evil and sadistic rampage ended when a pair of police officers supported by a small team gunned her down with impressive precision.

Nashville massacre won’t stop Trans Day of Vengeance

And despite any rational person thinking holding an event with “vengeance” in the title is a bad idea after what happened in Nashville, TRAN won’t be stopped.

The website for TRAN states, “This protest is about unity, not inciting violence. TRAN does not encourage violence and it is not welcome at this event.”

The organization also released a statement claiming it grieves for those lost in Nashville, but there’s no connection between the massacre and the day of vengeance.

“We also reject any connection between that horrific event and ours. Vengeance means fighting back with vehemence. We are fighting against false narratives, criminalization and eradication of our existence … There is power in numbers. Together, we will challenge suffocating legislation, find strength, create bonds, and share in all the happiness life has to offer us, amongst each other,” the organization said in a statement released following the shooting.

You can read the full release below.

Trans Radical Activist Network will proceed with Trans Day of Vengeance after Nashville shooting.

Is this an appropriate thing to do?

The facts here are simple. A transgender shooter, who wrote an unreleased manifesto, walked into a school and murdered six people on Monday in Nashville.

If it hadn’t been for the unbelievable heroics from the police officers, many more would have died. People still do not know what was in the manifesto, why Audrey Hale targeted a Christian school she once attended or what motivated her. Police have been slow to release that information.

Given the incredibly high temps right now, it’s definitely worth asking whether hosting a Trans Day of Vengeance is a smart idea. Read the room. There’s six families that have been destroyed, and now, TRAN will proceed with an event that carries highly-charged rhetoric.

TRAN can come up with its own definition for “vengeance,” but anyone who hears it right now thinks violence. Even TRAN admits the word “means fighting back with vehemence.”

Six people were murdered by transgender shooter Audrey Hale at a Christian school in Nashville. (Photo by Brendan SMIALOWSKI / AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Let’s hope cooler heads prevail and the violence comes to an end. The last thing America needs right now is more bloodshed.

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