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The trans community is being exploited for a fundraising campaign.

Over the past decade, people who identify as transgender have slowly become the easiest people to make use of, replacing gay people and people of color.

It started with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the most powerful gay rights lobby in the nation.

The HRC mainstreamed the trans movement about eight years ago. The frenzy has slowly crept further into American society, year after year. 

The HRC formed in 1980 and gained wealth and influence after it pledged to help legalize same-sex marriage. Its budget continues to expand. It has received millions of dollars in donations from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, making the lobby’s influence among politicians and corporations profound.

However, the lobby found itself in a predicament following the 2015 Supreme Court ruling Obergefell vs. Hodges, which forced all 50 states to recognize same-sex marriage.

While Hodges should have caused the HRC to celebrate, the ruling instead jeopardized the organization’s future.

“Once the HRC won on gay marriage, activists needed to use transgender rights as a new civil rights cause from which they could fundraise. After all, it’s a multi-billion dollar business,” Scarlett Johnson, a grassroots activist with Moms for Liberty-Wisconsin, tells OutKick.

Like any group in Washington, the HRC wasn’t about to close up shop and relinquish its influence. So instead, it developed a new mission to help it remain relevant: protecting so-called “trans rights.”

“We are at the frontlines fighting back against transphobia and pushing for pro-LGBTQ+ legislation that will ensure we have the same equal rights and protection as other protected classes,” the organization’s website says.

What rights do trans people lack? Unfortunately, the HRC never tells us. It just keeps insisting that trans-identifying people are somehow denied rights afforded to other Americans.

Trans-specific rights are not a real thing. There are no laws telling them they can’t get married or vote. There are no laws that limit their civil rights. Trans people have the same rights as everyone else.

In fact, the corporate media often labels anyone who dares to criticize a trans person as transphobic and then browbeats them into an apology. There is no group more “protected” than trans people.

Nonetheless, the HRC campaign pretending to save trans people from the bigoted bad guys continues to prove effective for one reason: bullying works.

Do you want to be a bigoted bad guy? Of course not. Washington and corporate America obviously don’t want to either.

Knowing that, the HRC developed a scoring system called the Corporate Equality Index, a lesser-known part of the “ethical investing” system called ESG, otherwise known as Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance. The group uses CEI as a weapon to bludgeon anyone who would dare challenge “trans rights” advocacy.

CEI scores specifically grade companies on their promotion of LGBTQIA+ people. In 2012, the HRC updated its index to score brands more aggressively regarding “partnerships and transgender inclusivity.”

CEI is how the HRC wields power over Wall Street. The top three investment firms in the country — BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street Bank — use CEI scores to help them distinguish the good brands from the bad, and thereby help them determine where to invest their money.

In April, the New York Post spoke to business insiders who detailed the power of CEI scores:

“American CEOs are more concerned about pleasing BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street Bank — who are among the top shareholders of most American publicly-traded corporations (including Nike, Anheuser-Busch and Kate Spade) — than they are about irritating conservatives, numerous sources told The Post.”

Translation: Put a trans person on your beer can if you want this investment.

That may have been the message that Anheuser-Busch received earlier this year when Dylan Mulvaney’s image magically appeared on a case of Bud Light. 

But rather than reward the beer giant for its apparent loyalty to the transgender cause, the HRC responded by stripping Anheuser-Busch of its perfect 100 CEI score. Why? For not condemning critics of the Mulvaney partnership vociferously enough.

That’s right, Anheuser-Busch did not sufficiently castigate those who question why a man in a dress is worth celebrating. As a result, the beer brand may soon face consequences from BlackRock.

The HRC lobby demands fealty from its corporate subordinates. It asks companies to double down on gender ideology, like Target CEO Brian Cornell did when he defended the “tuck-friendly” swimwear marketed to little boys.

“When we think about purpose at Target, it’s really about helping all the families, and that ‘all’ word is really important,” Cornell said earlier this year.

Some may think what Cornell supported makes him some kind of a pervert. We don’t know the man. However, we can report that selling clothing to gender-confused kids helped Target maintain a 100 out of 100 CEI score.

Target got an A.

“HRC is pushing companies like Target and Bud Light to promote the LGBTQIA+ agenda. The HRC sponsors LGBTQ+ influencers in the same way Nike sponsors Michael Jordan. Mass-marketing on minors works as well on adults,” Scarlett Johnson adds.

And despite some setbacks, such as the remarkably successful Bud Light boycott, trans hysteria has momentum. In June, the HRC declared its first “state of emergency” for LGBT people living in the U.S. following a series of GOP-led bills to restrict children’s access to “care” which includes genital mutilation.

Democratic lawmakers responded accordingly by resurrecting the Equality Act, which would classify any restrictions on “gender-affirming care” as a violation of civil rights. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Democrats first tried to pass the measure back in 2015, the same year as the Obergefell ruling from SCOTUS.

The HRC’s recent declaration of a “state of emergency” regarding “trans rights” is obviously a farce. The lobby suggests the gay community is in more danger now than during the HIV epidemic, which killed more than 300,000 people in the United States between 1987 and 1998.

However, rights lobbyists have to create fear to increase their funding, just as politicians create crises to convince voters there’s a problem that only they can solve.

The dynamics of fear have always been at play. Yet unlike in the cases of gay marriage and racial equality, the elites pretending to support trans people are harming those they once vowed to protect.

The burdens women have endured in the name of transgenderism are obvious. Females no longer have their own sororities, bathrooms, sports teams, or state prisons. Their gender has been appropriated by men. Males now wear female identities like a mask. 

Still, women aren’t the only ones harmed by HRC puppeteering. The incentive to normalize gender transition has also harmed the trans community.

Lying to people, and telling them that they can change their gender does not empower them. It damages them, both mentally and physically.

Lawmakers, billionaire influencers like George Soros, and the HRC don’t bear the consequences of normalizing gender ideology or downplaying the risks.

The members of the trans community suffering from confusion and depression do.

The “trans” people who later want to de-transition but realize they cannot undo permanent scars and chronic pain from genital mutilation will.

A child who can’t legally buy a pack of cigarettes but who can sever his penis certainly will.

The HRC helping children access “gender-affirming care” and rewarding those who undergo transition doesn’t create happiness. It encourages gender dysphoria.

We can’t say for certain how the movement ends, but it’s hard to imagine how it could end well. The results thus far — and we still are only in the early stages — are eerie, if not insidious.

But the people in charge do not care. To them, a spike in suicide rates and the loss of female safe spaces is a small price to pay for power and fortune.

In fact, the only people benefiting from the trans movement are the people enabling it: the lobbyists, politicians, and corporate executives.

If you ever wondered why such institutional figures sell our nation the lie that gender is a choice and not a biological reality, now you know why.

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Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. It’s probably going to take several trials for crimes against humanity for mutilating children, or enabling it, to end this barbarism. Already, most nations in Europe are now blocking transition intervention on children (only Spain and Scotland are still barreling down the same abusive path as the U.S. and Canada).

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