Train Obliterates Semi-Truck Stuck At Red Light In Viral Video

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In case you ever wondered what would win in a head-to-head battle, a train or a semi-truck hauling massive concrete beams, you finally have your answer.

And it’s not the truck.

Wild video captured earlier this week in Tennessee shows the massive truck on the tracks waiting for the light to turn green, only to be split in half and crushed to dust by an incoming train.

The truck was apparently carrying a 134-foot concrete truss bridge beam when it got caught at an unfortunate red light with nowhere to go.

Video: Semi-truck crushed by train in Tennessee

Pretty definitive answer I’d say, and here’s the craziest part: nobody died. In-fact, only two people were taken to the hospital with “minor” injuries, while the truck driver also walked away without a scratch.

In all, three locomotives and 10 railroad cars derailed in a scene described by local officials as a “disastrous mess.”

Gee, ya think?

Talk about an absolute NIGHTMARE situation for everyone involved. Imagine being that truck driver, just sitting there annoyed at the stupidly long red light, and then you look to your right and a train is barreling towards you full steam ahead.

Railroad crossings scare the snot out of me. I’m the guy who slows down to an absolute crawl every time I come up to one just so I can look both ways on the off chance a giant train is somehow stealthily coming at me without me realizing.

Don’t know if it’s actually possible for a train to sneak up on me, but I don’t feel like ever finding out.

I’d much rather take my lumps from the impatient Toyota Tundra behind me annoyingly beeping his horn because I’m being a baby at railroad crossing than end up like this guy.

Train derails in Tennessee.
Train slams into semi-truck in Tennessee.
Video shows the train slam into the trapped truck.

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