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Teacher Jess in Alabama on kids & anxiety, plus a strong update on Screencaps loading & the worst ads running right now

• Jess writes:

There are lots of obnoxious ads, but one of the worst right now is the Sephora Jonathan Van Ness one. If anyone has seen it, I am certain we will agree on this.

Yes- Social media should definitely not be used by teens. I agree with you on anxiety and obsession over likes and all that stuff. But also, smartphones in general are so scary at that age; I’ve had too many middle school students get involved in video sexting that is widely shared to other peers (but just one is obviously too many).

Also, still no issues on the browser Brave. And no “Read More” button either. Just throwing that out there, again.


Tuesday was a better day for me. I actually received messages saying Screencaps LOADED and there weren’t major issues. You’re going to notice that Screencaps will stick to 50 or fewer embeds. IT tells me to keep the data load at a reasonable level and we should be good.

Blocking people on Twitter

• Jeff A. writes:

Hi Joe.  Just curious if you do/have blocked anyone on Twitter?  If you have, is there a personal threshold one must hit in order for you to bust out the block button?


  1. Yes, I’ve blocked people. but it’s been a long time since the last time I went in that direction. Typically, it’s people who are just copying content ideas and I want them to have to work for it if they’re going to copy content ideas. At least give the site a click if you’re going to copy.
  2. Before the mute button, you had to block people you just couldn’t stand. Now I just use the mute button. This week, I had to use the mute on one of the SEO bros who has supposedly made a fortune with mobile home parks. I’m worn out from the success stories where these guys tell you how amazing they are at business. STFU! I get it, you’re a genius. I also get that their goal is to get you to engage the content so they get paid by Elon.
  3. I do not make money from Elon. I don’t think I’m even eligible. I don’t have time to worry about it.
  4. I could see myself using the block button if someone is tweeting disgusting lies into the replies. These days I pretty much just laugh off everything. Honestly, I’m getting too old to get too caught up in the nonsense. Never thought I’d say that, but I can feel the ‘I’m getting too old’ mood big time in the last couple of years.

Ads that drive you crazy…this is some strong analysis

• Brad in NC is good at this stuff. I’d have to go back and see what he’s done for a living, but I have to believe he’s dabbled in mass media:

I hesitate to answer the question because the answer may be long!

-Most ads irk these days. And it seems they’re meant to. In an age of phones, tablets, laptops we are all looking at screens other than our TV, especially during sporting events with its overload of overlong, overloud breaks. The media people know this and even use terms like ‘first screen’ and ‘second screen’ when discussing a viewer’s focus of attention. They also know that DVRs and the good old mute button hinder their reach. They have chosen war. Modern TV commercials are an ADD-addled mess of eye-dazzling jump cuts and ear-bashing compressed audio. And with that, the List Of Irk:

-Cliche: the suburban slob with messy hair, a 3-day beard and always a button-up shirt over a t-shirt. He’s fat, he’s lazy, he’s dumb. Somehow he’s married to a cute, smart, perky, put-together wife who has all the world’s problems sorted out by 10 am using her laptop on her kitchen table. She’s wearing a dress, hair and makeup are done and she knows all the best apps and websites while her stupid ogre husband struggles to run a garden hose. If there were Don Drapers working in advertising in the 20th century they have been replaced in the 21st century by man-hating feminists.

-Cliche: vehicles doing screaming reverse 360s through giant puddles of water or doing risky off-road maneuvers. Professional driver on a closed course and all that. All the stunts are interesting to a point but how are we meant to know if the vehicle is suitable as everyday transportation or as a work vehicle?

-Cliche: nutty customer gets blank look from normal salesman. Or…nutty salesman gets a blank look from normal customer. This is what passes for creative scripting on Madison Ave these days. Insurance, food, phones – all rely the same ‘plot’ and annoying pitchmen whether characters or celebrities.

-Most commercials have been filtered, corrected, digitally touched up by video editors and so-called graphic artists. It’s only a 30-second spot and the advertiser wants it to look its best but the net effect is it all looks fake and cartoony. Especially the food.

-Speaking of food, the recent trend of disgusting close-up shots of people eating disgusting fast food in disgusting sloppy ways is – wait for it – disgusting.

MP from Staunton, Va. writes:

Joe, one series of ads that totally irk me are the “Dr. Rick” ads from Progressive Insurance! Whenever one of those ads comes on, I either change the channel or hit the mute button. They are irritating, condescending, and just plain STUPID! Thanks for allowing me to vent and for everything else you do.

• Sean in Colorado writes:

Hope you’re having a good week. I havent written in many months but this topic is a good one. As an officially grumpy old guy at this point there are many ads that bother me.  I will limit my email to one however.

Lume deodorant. Where do I begin with this one? 

It’s disgusting to me that people don’t seem to want to take a shower every day anymore. They brag about it lasting 72 hours. The only time that seems reasonable to me is camping. I also hate that they film it on a dumb iPhone like the lady is running the business out of her garage.

When you know it’s likely a multi-million dollar corporation. Then when the lady is demonstrating all the smelly areas you should use it on, I just want to puke.  I could go on and on about how I hate these commercials that are on constantly, but that’s my two cents for today. Thanks for giving me a place to vent.

Pour one out for Diesel

I honestly feel bad for all the guys out there who have to sit there and look at autumn decorations for 2 1/2 months. This message from Diesel says it all. Stay strong, guys.

This weekend, suggest going out for margaritas and tableside guacamole at her favorite Mexican joint. It should help keep her in the summer mood. Use every tool in your toolbox.

• Lions fan Detroit Duane V. writes:

Just wanted to drop a note from a relatively new follower here in the Suburbs of Detroit.  

Been enjoying the ScreenCaps content as it brings a little humor to the day.  

Just wanted to weigh on a recent topic about respecting summer.  We love our summertime up here in Detroit, it is way too short.  Can’t wait for May to come around as I know it is time to uncover the pool, clean the deck and set up the furniture for summer.  Always good to start summer early, not waiting for June 21st to float in my pool and watch the Tigers on the deck TV.  

That’s said, I also don’t think there is anything wrong with grabbing a bowl of chili on a cool Saturday morning after my round of golf.  Our club has the best chili around and nothing hits the spot like a bowl of chili and a cold brew with the guys after 18 holes in early September when the weather dictates, no disrespect to summer intended.

By the way, pool still open just in case.  

Also the pizza oven, smoker and Blackstone are in use right through the UoM Ohio State game in November, those toys can’t read a calendar.


  1. It’s nice to see Screencaps growing into the Detroit market. If there was ever a place for this column to flourish, it’s Detroit. I’ve had tons of success in Little Detroit (Toledo), so it only makes sense to expand the empire north.
  2. Thank you for Respecting Summer. Remember, Summer to Fall is the only season you need to worry about Respecting. Detroit Duane gets it. You have to pack in as much as humanely possible before the clouds come and stay for at least six months. When sunny September gives way to cloudy late October, you’re pretty much f’d in these parts. That’s why college football bowl games love Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan State fans so much. That’s why Buc ee’s is building those thirst traps up and down I-75 and now on I-70 east of Dayton. Those clouds start and Detroit Duane starts thinking of southwest Florida. I know Detroit Duane without even knowing him.
  3. Grabbing a bowl of chili vs. cooking your own pot of chili BEFORE September 23 are two different things. Here’s the reason: If you cook your own pot of chili, you’re going to overeat and that’s going to lead to the recliner, football, a drink sitting on the recliner table and before you know it, you’re sawing logs and there went three hours when you could have been on the deck Respecting Summer. Eating a bowl of chili at the golf course or the VFW isn’t a trap. It’s an appetizer for more beers and guys slapping fives at the club after a touchdown. House chili is grounds for a food coma. Please avoid at all costs until September 23.
  4. Always leave the pool open; I’ve sat here looking at the forecast like a hawk looking for the perfect time to pounce. Saturday could hit the upper 70s. We’ll see if it works out.
  5. Welcome, Detroit Duane. You’re going to fit in just fine around here. Tell your buddies.

Don’t fall for this trap!

Nothing but Respect for Respecting Summer

• Ricky A writes:

Was I slightly hesitant when asked back in early spring if I’d be willing to join in on a Hatteras trip in mid September? Absolutely. Even living just a few hours away I never understood why so many folks desired to drive all those way just to be at the beach & touch the same ocean that existed no more than 10 minutes from my current resident.

Sitting here now writing this I can hear the waves crashing no more than 100 yards away, bourbon flowing on a patio evening full of great friends & amazing family (not even my own by blood, but would fight you over if you said anything different). Bluetooth speaker cranking yacht rock hit lists & endless supplies of brown water short pours with this ocean breeze are what dreams are made of. Fingers of course crossed this whole time keeping an eye on this storm out in the coast, but multiple days soaking in the sun have been well worth it.

Finding the time to take a September “technically still summer” escape has been unreal. Cheers to all of you out there squeezing every bit of summer that you can & bigger cheers to those in SC Nation living vicariously through us others just to get by & make it to the next round. Side note, apologies for ruining one of Americas most beautiful sneaky places of here in Cape Hatteras, but add it to your list. Well worth it.

Also, similar to the thermostat conversation starter, who’s team sunrise & who’s team sunset out there in Screencaps land? Been a very heated debate for us here over the past few days.


Ricky A. might have a Screencaps Photo of the Year contender with the fisherman sunset pic. That right there is kryptonite for the Pumpkin Spice Latte (The PSLs) Mafia.

Beau in Toledo claims he can ‘fix her’

That’s a wrap. Again, we’re easing into this new under-50 embed Screencaps era. Let’s see how this goes.

The sun is out, I just saw the weather guy is calling for 80 degrees next Friday, the birds are chirping, the Bengals are 0-1, Browns fans think they won the Super Bowl and it’s the middle of September. Let’s go out and dominate this random Wednesday. Don’t take it for granted.

Have a great day in this incredible country where John Fetterman can go to work in sweatshorts.


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