Towson Golfer Jordan Cornelius, The New Ford Bronco & Kate Bock On SI Cover

Ford debuts its Bronco that sure looks like a Jeep Wrangler

I live near the plant that produces the Jeep Wrangler. That means I can’t go a quarter-mile down the road without seeing someone driving a Wrangler, left foot hanging over the drivers’ side door opening. Jeep waves. I’ve seen it all. One look at the Ford Bronco and it doesn’t take an automotive reporter to tell me Ford’s trying to copy Jeep.

The new Bronco will have removable doors and roof, aftermarket add-ons, the rollbars you’re used to seeing from Jeep and the exposed spare tire off the back so people in suburbia know you’re always a rock climb gone wrong away from busting that spare off. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing fire extinguishers hanging from rollbars. LEDs under the Bronco. Jacked up Broncos.

We have ourselves an old fashioned Bronco vs. Wrangler suburbia-off.

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