Touching Tributes to AEW Wrestler Brodie Lee Draws Emotional Reaction From Fans

The wrestling community is still rightfully mourning pro wrestler Jon Huber, otherwise known as Brodie Lee and Luke Harper, after his sudden passing Saturday.

The two companies that Huber starred with, WWE and AEW, have honored his death with tributes, including an entire show on Wednesday night by AEW that was a tearjerker for all involved.

His former company, WWE, put forth a beautiful tribute video, featuring a number of superstars who all had nothing but good words to say about their friend.

Here is a tweet with AEW stars talking about Huber, the impact he had in the business and his influence on talents.

The AEW program Dynamite, which airs on Wednesdays, did an entire show on Huber, a “Brodie Lee Tribute Show” that drew incredible reviews from wrestlers and fans all over the world.

The big surprise at the end of the emotional night was Huber’s former WWE Bludgeon Brothers tag partner, Erick Redbeard, making an appearance in a six-man match, making a save.

Redbeard stayed out. Following the match, he held up a sign that said, “Goodbye For Now My Brother, See You Down The Road.” There is no word on any permanent signing or if this was just a one-off appearance.

There have been plenty of excellent tributes over the past few days from wrestlers talking just about the man that Huber was.

The final tribute was Huber’s family. His young son, representing his father in a mask, stood on stage, creating an emotional tableau that ended the AEW show.

The company announced they have signed his son to a contract whenever he’s ready to be a wrestler. In a fitting display, they also named him AEW TNT Champion for Life.

Written by Matt Loede

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