Topless Maid Reveals What Her Boss At Her Full-Time Job Thinks Of Her Side Job

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Amber Katherine is a very busy woman. She does some modeling, has worked as ring girl, is building a social media following, and is running her own topless maid business. On top of that she has a full-time job as a nurse.

Like I said, she’s very busy. Thanks to a recent TikTok video she posted about the “reality of a topless house cleaner” things are only going to get busier for her.

The video, which Amber captioned “I may not make a lot now but hopefully one day i can do this full time” has more than 7 million views since she posted it last week.

Topless Maid and Nurse Amber Katherine
Nurse and topless maid explains juggling both jobs (Image Credit: Amber Katherine/TikTok)

The unexpected attention the video received led to thousands of questions about her topless maid business. The top question she received was from people asking if she actually cleans when she’s walking around her clients’ homes topless.

The answer to that question is yes. When you book a cleaning appointment with Bougie Boss Cleaning, whose slogan is “Bougie Boss Cleaning where our attire is your desire,” your house is going to get cleaned.

The next question that people wanted answered had to do with Amber’s attire. What will she be wearing while cleaning your home? Well for starters she’ll be topless.

That part seems self-explanatory, but she will have some items of clothing on. Amber explained in a follow-up video, that she wears a little cosplay maid hat with an apron and an extremely tiny skirt.


For educational purposes only. I am literally a house cleaner with a view. #fyp #cleantok

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Another obvious question that people had was what her full-time nursing job thinks about her side gig as a topless maid. Well, they didn’t know about it until a few days ago.

Her Topless Maid Business Is About To Pick Up

Amber decided to break the news to her boss after her video went viral on TikTok. She said, “So here’s the thing, yesterday I had a meeting with my boss. And to kind of backtrack things when I first got hired at this place I laid out the law.”

She went on to explain that way before she was on TikTok, or doing the topless maid thing, that she had done some modeling for boudoir magazines. She informed her boss of that, and some ring girl stuff she had done, prior to being hired.

Her boss had no issues with either the photos or her ring girl work. She was told that whatever she does outside of work wasn’t an issue.

Amber then got into the topless maid thing while explaining that she needed to cut back her hours as a nurse. She told her boss, “I’m just going to let you know on TikTok there’s videos of me out there talking about my topless house cleaning, and it got a bit more attention than I was expecting.”

After her boss told her that she needed to see a doctor for her OCD, she told her that as long as she doesn’t come to work wearing what she wears to clean houses everything is fine.

For now, until the demand for the topless maid business becomes unmanageable, Amber is going to attempt to keep doing both jobs.

Something tells me that won’t last long.

There’s going to be a large increase in requests for topless maid services in the Boston area.

Written by Sean Joseph

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