Top Int’l Health Officials Met In Early 2020, Redacted Documents Show

When the COVID pandemic began in early 2020, back before every ounce of honesty and integrity had yet to be wringed from the public narrative, many legitimate scientists believed a lab leak from China to be the most likely origin of the virus.

Once top government employees—bureaucratic “experts” like Anthony Fauci and Patrick Vallance (Britain’s chief scientific officer)—interjected their assessments, though, the entire sentiment changed almost instantly. According to the experts, China was innocent, the virus was existential, and to question the story meant you either weren’t taking the threat seriously, or worse, you were an anti-Asian racist.

Without acknowledging the most fundamental aspect of any novel phenomenon (where did it come from?), the scientists have artfully kept the entire world in the dark, their hopes tied to an engineered medical device instead of Mother Nature, from which this threat apparently magically originated.

Ironically, when one British newspaper demanded to see the transcripts of those early pandemic calls between “experts” and their lackeys, via Freedom of Information legislature, the paper’s editors were also kept in the dark, quite literally. The Daily Mail received 32 emails regarding a secretive teleconference between American and British health officials, but nearly every line was redacted by the British government. Even a few basic pleasantries were redacted, leaving only evidence that a call did indeed take place. Apparently that’s all the common man needs to know about the origins of his health’s most preeminent threat: that they discussed it.

This newspaper used Freedom of Information rules to obtain a cache of 32 emails about a secretive teleconference between British and American health officials held early in the pandemic
via Daily Mail

According to Gary Ruskin, head of the public health group US Right To Know, this type of secrecy is both deplorable and dangerous.

“Transparency is crucial to expose corruption, abuse of power and hidden conflicts of interest,” he said. “Even in the US, which is weak in science transparency, we have been able to unearth documents useful in pursuing the origins of Covid-19. Such efforts seem impossible in the UK. That is regrettable – and subsequent generations may end up paying for it with their lives if we cannot use the tools of transparency to figure out how Covid-19 came upon us.”

Why aren’t key members of these original teleconferences being questioned under oath by American and British governments? Considering that simple police work relies on the scene of the crime almost exclusively, why has the origin of the generation-defining virus been relegated to a footnote? And most importantly, why has basic information regarding the initial response been classified as top secret if the virus simply spawned naturally from wildlife?

These aren’t unanswerable questions, but rather questions that remained unanswered; an important distinction in the war for basic information. Read the entire Daily Mail report here for a deeper dive into the international players who have pulled the strings on this pandemic since early 2020.

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. It’s simple. They were funding the gain of function research that created covid that escaped from the Wuhan lab. It’s painfully obvious at this point unless you are drinking the government kool aid narrative with a blindfold on. They are covering their tracks so they aren’t put on trial for crimes against humanity. It’s pure self preservation.

    • People have gotten too polite.

      In an earlier time the general public simply

      But half the country willingly wants to be lied to by their high priests who work at the CDC & state/regime run propaganda outlets like NPR & 60 minutes.

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