NFL Network’s Top 100 List is Bogus, Worthy of Cancel Culture

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The NFL Network’s Top 100 list is an annual joke that drops in the summer to drum up conversation. While it’s bad each year, it’s never quite been this mockable.

Here’s the top 10 (try to hold it together):

Patrick Mahomes is 4th, lol.

Okay, let’s just get it out of the way: once No. 4 was revealed, we all should’ve turned the channel.

There hasn’t been an NFL player so clearly at the top since Tom Brady in 2007. Patrick Mahomes arguably shouldn’t even qualify for this list — he’s not that much better than the rest. A more intriguing list would be the “Top 100 after Patrick Mahomes.” If voted on my respectable humans, of course; not these trolls.

32 out of 32 NFL GMs would draft Mahomes first overall. About 29 of them would move cities to do so.

Mahomes is the best player in sports. Either these players who voted are jealous hacks or they were incentivized to vote like morons to get the sports world talking. By the way, if it’s the second, the joke is on them because sports media is too obsessed with the NBA’s restart today to dive into the ranking for more than a few minutes.

Also, how is Deshaun Watson 20th? He is a star despite a coach/GM who has no business holding either title. Watson just wins. There’s no way in hell anyone alive thinks Travis Kelce (18) or Chandler Jones (15) is better.

If we are using the draft argument, Watson is going, at worst, fourth behind Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Lamar Jackson. He has a strong case to go second after Mr. Number 4, Patrick Mahomes.

Carson Wentz didn’t even make the list. Apparently, it didn’t matter he led his team to the playoffs throwing to a bunch of bloggers. When healthy, Wentz is a top-five QB. Yet, Brandon Brooks made the list over him. (No, I didn’t make that name up.)

I still can’t get over Mahomes not ranking No. 1.

This list lost any credibility it had left.

No one despises cancel culture more than I do. I abhor it. It’s nothing but a bunch of losers looking to make others as miserable as they are. But this list warrants it.

At least Fred Warner made it, right?

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Most explosive athlete? Lamar Jackson.

    Best player? Pattrick Mahomes

    If I had the choice of the top 2 non quarterbacks OR Patrick Mahomes alone, I would definitely take Mahomes.

    Patrick Mahomes’ postseason numbers (4 games, 3-1 record):

    Patrick Mahomes


    62.5% completion
    295 yards per game
    13 TDs
    2 INTs


    20 rushes
    125 yards
    6.3 yards per rush
    2 TDs

    Lamar Jackson:
    Career 0-2

    Attempts 45
    Completions 88
    Comp Percent 51.1
    Yards 559
    TDs 3
    Ints 3

    Attempts 29
    Yards 197

  2. This is a list for 2020, not 2019. It’s is a prediction, not an analysis. I am okay with Lamar Jackson making it over the hump and Mahomes taking a step back. Mahomes just won the Super Bowl. It is more likely for someone else to win it again than for KC to win it. Why not Baltimore?

  3. “Carson Wentz didn’t even make the list. Apparently, it didn’t matter he led his team to the playoffs throwing to a bunch of bloggers.“

    That is the true line of the day, Bobby! Dude was throwing to WRs that would be fighting for spots on most teams’ practice squads. Nobody could get open for him, and they still made the playoffs. Not to mention their RBs couldn’t take 5 handoffs consecutively at any point in the season without going down. Wentz was truly on his own out there.

    Also, all respect to George Kittle, but unless Kelce is #6 there’s no way he’s #7.

  4. The NFL supports a Marxist, radical, anti-American political movement that wants to overthrow the United States. BLM will be a fixture in the NFL. It’s a racist organization that promotes an anti-white movement and seeks black superiority and separatism. It wants to rid the league of its traditions and culture, and the NFL is on its knees showing their allegiance. My point is, who gives a fuck.

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