Tony Buzbee Responds: Asks Why Watson Had ‘Sex For Pay’, Says Minimizing Victims Is Wrong

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Just before Tony Buzbee filed two more lawsuits on Tuesday, Deshaun Watson’s attorney said Buzbee has “orchestrated a circus-like atmosphere by using social media” to publicize suits and “inflame the public” to harm Watson’s otherwise reputation.

Rusty Hardin, the Houston-based attorney representing Watson, said Tuesday it takes courage for women to come forward to report sexual assault, and that the opposing counsel is using anonymity as a sword to publicly humiliate Watson — not to shield victims.

In a series of statements and questions in a Facebook post, Buzbee said, “There have been so many massage sessions from Instagram that Mr. Watson can’t keep track of them — recall he, on Twitter, initially criticized me and denied everything.”

Buzbee said he can’t say how many people have stepped forward to report similar conduct or provide further information. He said it will all be released in public filings — not in the media, although he announced the series of suits in a social media post.

Watson’s attorney said earlier Tuesday the firm has received numerous unsolicited comments in the past week from “many licensed massage therapists who have worked with Deshaun in recent years.”

“These women describe him as a gentleman and a model client who never engaged in inappropriate conduct. Indeed, before these salacious claims, everyone who associated with Deshaun described him as an outstanding, respectful, and compassionate man,” he said in a statement.

In an affidavit released by Watson’s lawyer to Fox 26, Watson’s marketing manager Brian Burney says that details from the alleged events helped him to conclude the identity of one Jane Doe.

Burney’s affidavit also states that Jane Doe said the consensual encounter would be “embarrassing if revealed and that Deshaun should pay to keep the matter secret.”

Buzbee now wonders why Watson’s marketing agent would imply Watson had paid for sex with a massage therapist, consensual or otherwise.

Statement made by Tony Buzbee on Fabebook on Tuesday.

Buzbee said he appreciates Hardin’s professionalism and words of support for victims.

“[I] would respectfully suggest there are many facts here, that we will put in public filings, that Mr. Hardin might not be aware of,” he said. “We will provide additional details in a statement, consistent with our ethical obligations in due course. I’m hoping we can do so by Friday.”

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  1. Pre Covid I got massages. Usually once a month. I went to the same one every time for 2 years. Seriously, who gets a massage or acupuncture or some other type of holistic treatment and uses how many different people? We’ve got 24 that complained and who knows how many that said he was professional? How many massages has he had and how many people have worked on him? This is weird.

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