Tommy Fleetwood Holes Not One, But Two Golf Balls At The Same Time With Ridiculous Shot At St. Andrews

St. Andrews is the home of golf and has been witness to countless memorable moments since being established all the way back in 1843. Tommy Fleetwood is just the latest golfer to experience what may have quite literally been a magical moment at St. Andrews.

Playing a practice round ahead of this week’s Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, the Englishman found himself dangerously close to the iconic road on the Par 4 17th hole. Given that it was a practice round, his playing partner didn’t mark his ball near the hole before Fleetwood hit his chip shot.

If his partner did mark their golf ball then we wouldn’t have been witness to the ridiculous golf shot that ensued.

Somehow, someway, Fleetwood managed to not only hole his chip shot, but his golf balls perfectly kissed the other on the green and forced it into the hole as well.

You could give any golfer on the planet 1,000 tries at trying to pull this shot off and the odds of it happening are close to zero.

Thankfully a fan captured the shot on video.

If this were a tournament round, Fleetwood’s playing partner wouldn’t have lucked out.

Fleetwood’s hole-out would have counted, but his playing partner would have to replace his golf ball where it lay before being nudged into the cup.

In reality, Fleetwood’s playing partner would have marked his ball before Fleetwood attempted his shot, but nevertheless, this is the rarest of rare golf shots.

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Written by Mark Harris

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