Social Media And Big Tech Finally Exposed For Liberal Agenda: Tomi Lahren

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Social media platforms have some “interruptions in service” on the same exact day the House Oversight Committee calls big tech execs to the carpet to explain their blatant, illegal and BS censorship activities. 

What a cawinkydink!

It’s time for Final Thoughts.

If you’re a social media aficionado like myself, you noticed several bizarre glitches in the matrix over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Now it’s not uncommon for one of those platforms to go down from time to time but it is rather odd for all of them to be experiencing “issues” shall we say. 

Well coincidentally and totally unrelated I’m sure, yesterday the House Oversight Committee grilled former Twitter executives on Capitol Hill on everything from content moderation, to election interference, collusion with big government and the selective but very deliberate censorship of conservative voices big and small. 

It started out as a probe into that whole Hunter Biden laptop coverup and turned into a game of show and tell wherein Republican representatives showed former Twitter executives their illegal and BS activities, making Twitter executives sweat like a climate change liberal in Church. 

Take a look. 


Rep. Anna Paulina Luna: This, ladies and gentleman, is joint action between the federal government and a private company to censor and violate the first amendment. I’m so glad that there are many attorneys on this panel. It’s highly illegal. You’re all engaged in this action and you’ll all be held accountable.

Rep. Lauren Boebert: Now who the hell do you think that you are? Election interference, yeah I’d say that that was taking place because of you four sitting here. The Hunter Biden laptop story was suppressed. A sitting member of congress was suppressed. A sitting President was banned.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: It’s amazing to me, Mr. Roth as the head and trust of safety at Twitter your ability or should I say inability to remove child porn. Rep. Clay Higgins: You ladies and gentlemen interfered with the United States of America 2020 Presidential election knowingly and willingly. That’s the bad news and it’s gonna get worse because this is the investigation part. Later comes the arrest part.

Sounds to me like at the bare minimum these tech folks: lied under oath (that’s perjury), had illegal engagements with government entities, interfered in elections, and colluded with government officials to censor conservatives. 

Will these deranged big tech liberals face real consequences for what they’ve done? 

Well, I’ll believe it when I see the prison door slam behind them. 

But this hearing was a good first step and I’m proud of House Republicans for doing it. Democrats, on the other hand, called it a waste of time. 

Because to them, holding big tech accountable for illegal activities is a waste of time and resources but the RussiaGate investigation, 2 sham impeachments and an entire January 6th committee was a good use of time.

No Democrats called this hearing “silly” and a “bizarre political stunt” because all the sudden they are super into companies being able to do whatever the hell they want- unless it’s decide whether to force bakers to make gays cakes or take an experimental vax. 

Freedom, as we know, is a very narrow concept for these hacks. 

Everyone knew the crack head’s laptop was real and belonged to said crackhead, they just didn’t want it to be a political liability for Joe- as his general demeanor and acuity was already a big issue- hence why they hid him in the basement. 

Folks, we’ve been lied to and manipulated for years now and while you sitting at home may think it only impacted the 2020 election or the platforms of top conservative voices, remember the shutdowns, lockdowns, and experimental vaccines these big tech wardens worked with big government and big tech to push- those things and that meddling has life or death implications. 

Start caring. 

And House Republicans should subpoena every damn one of these big tech execs and every employee that turned the dials up and down over there in the silicon valley in the shadow of constitutional death! 

Start locking people up and this crap will end. Bet on that.

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Written by Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren

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  1. None of this matters unless government officials involved get fired. People have known for over 4 years that social media acted as a tool of the Democratic Party. They are allowed to if they act on their own. Government officials, on the other hand, take an oath to defend the Constitution, not to go out of their way to violate the First Amendment for their beloved political party.

  2. Doesn’t matter – mainstream media not covering it so vast majority of the country has no idea these hearings are taking place. The only way mainstream media will be forced to cover this is if people go to jail. I’m telling you – the mainstream media’s liberal bias is the biggest threat to democracy in America.

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