Enes Freedom Tells Tomi Lahren That Brittney Griner Can No Longer Criticize America

Enes Freedom joined OutKick's Tomi Lahren to discuss Brittney Griner's detainment in Russia and her probable change of opinion towards the United States, in the likely event she soon returns to the states.

When asked by Lahren if Freedom thinks Griner will be more appreciative of the USA (she's previously refused to stand during the playing of our national anthem) or take the same stance she had before, he responded by saying in part: "I'm sure the only thing that she wants to hear right now is probably the national anthem."

Freedom later added: "When she returns, I am sure, if we sit down and have a conversation with her, she is not going to have any criticism of America."

Tomi and Enes continued their conversation, touching on the realization people experience when they leave the United States for other countries, LeBron James' recent comments about Griner and the host and guest's appreciation for the United States.

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