Georgia’s Trump Election Probe Now More Of A Joke After Juror’s Inappropriate Press Tour: Tomi Lahren

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One of the “random” jury members selected to help Georgia prosecutors investigate President Trump has gone public and it’s as cringeworthy as it freakin’ sounds.

It’s time for Final Thoughts. 

The Fulton County district attorney has been working to find something, anything to use to indict and prosecute our former president for “trying to overturn the 2020 election” and she’s had the help of this little nincompoop grand jury foreman Emily Kohrs. 

Emily Kohrs and Donald Trump. (Screengrab / Getty Images)

Now in this rare and completely inappropriate PR press tour, she can be seen and heard salivating over the possibility of ruining Donald Trump. 

Thus far this little turd has done interviews with The New York Times, NBC News, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and CNN. 

Try not to gag.

EMILY: It’s not a short list. I mean, we saw 75 people and there are 6 pages of the report cut out.

REPORTER: So we’re talking about more than a dozen people? 

EMILY: I would say that, Yes.

REPORTER: Are these recognizable names? Names that people would know?

EMILY: There are certainly names that you would recognize. Yes.

EMILY: There definitely are names you would expect.

EMILY: I am not going to speak on exact indictments.

EMILY: I don’t think there are any plot twists coming. I don’t think that there are any like giant “that’s not the way I expected this to go at all!” I don’t think that’s in store for anyone. Probably not. I wouldn’t want to characterize anyone else’s reactions of course. Sorry, that’s what we heard a lot in testimony a lot um but probably not. It probably wouldn’t shock you. I would not expect you to be too shocked, no. 

REPORTER: And that includes the former President potentially?

EMILY: Potentially, it might. 

There’s cringeworthy, and then there is gag-worthy and that, that was gag-worthy. 

First of all, I gotta know, why do all liberals look basically the same? It’s really quite something. Trump Derangement is an unforgiving physical disease. 

And that Emily Kohrs, well she is a 30-year-old woman child who describes herself as “between customer service jobs.” She didn’t vote in the 2020 presidential election. She’s about as savvy as a fence post and SHE is gonna be part of recommending whether prosecutors should indict Trump and put him on trial?

Now while there are few intellectual qualifications to serve on a grand jury – you don’t necessarily have to be a benefit to society, that is true – but really damn sure you have to be impartial and not a deranged wack job looking to fulfill a vendetta against the subject of the freakin investigation! 


Now while legal experts agree her little press tour isn’t illegal, it could ultimately poke a giant hole in this already BS investigation against Trump. These public remarks could be cited in future litigation, possibly as evidence of bias in a motion to dismiss a case, or in a motion to change venues.

And I hope it is because it’s really some crap. 

And legal minds and mainstream media hacks wonder why conservatives feel there is a two-tiered justice system rigged and stacked against us. Crap like this doesn’t convince us otherwise!

It’s quite obvious this girl wants to be famous but rather than sell out the rest of the grand jury and make a mockery of the justice system for attention, couldn’t she just make a NyQuil chicken TikTok cooking video like the rest of the millennial/Gen-z brats do to get noticed? 

This whole Fulton County probe is a waste and a joke to begin with. Of all the lawlessness and thuggery that goes down in the county, the DA chooses to go after Trump over an election that was over 2 years ago. 

Unbelievable but actually not. More like, infuriating but par for the course. 

Those are my Final Thoughts.

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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