Tom Izzo Was Nearly Tossed While Wearing An Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Michigan State Spartans head coach Tom Izzo was in the Christmas spirit and showed up for his team’s meeting with Oakland in an ugly Christmas sweater.

Better yet, an ugly sweater that was made to look like traditional elf garb.

While Izzo showed up with Christmas cheer, his firey temper eventually got the best of him.

Nothing particularly interesting about that under normal circumstances, but since he was wearing an ugly Christmas elf sweater it made for a wild scene.

Izzo appeared to be angry about a missed call and let the officials have it. They quickly gave the Spartans bench boss a technical. At that point, he backed off but he continued to trudge up and down the sidelines like the angriest elf since Miles Finch.

Izzo Should Know You’re Asking For Trouble If You Dress Up

For some reason, this sort of thing happens whenever teams decide to play dress-up. I’m telling you if Tom Izzo was wearing a golf shirt to a Spartans quarter this incident slides almost completely under the radar.

He just had to go for the elf sweater.

It’s the same phenomenon that plagues Halloween parties the world over. Getting dinged for public intoxication under normal circumstances will get you a spot in the police blotter.

Public intoxication while dressed like a Minion will get you plastered all over the internet.

Something like this was destined to happen the second Izzo threw on the elf sweater.

As it turns out, Izzo wasn’t the only one who was in a Christmas mood. Oakland head coach Greg Kampe was also rocking some Christmas attire.

He broke out the “Merry Grinchmas” button-up shirt.

Although despite the curmudgeonly nature of the Dr. Seuss character on his shirt, Kampe wasn’t nearly tossed from the game.

Izzo and his Spartans beat the Golden Grizzlies by a score of 67-54.

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