Tom Crean, Former Georgia HC, Is Everyone’s Dad ‘Filming’ TikTok

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You can never accuse 56-year-old Tom Crean of failing to act his own age. Georgia’s ex-basketball coach, who was fired last month, went full dad mode when he unintentionally recorded a video of his mug instead of a TikTok while on a recruiting visit last winter.

Crean’s screen time occurred a few months ago when he was still coach and out recruiting London Johnson, a point guard from Georgia. Crean attended one of Johnson’s games, looking every bit of a father headed to Sunday Mass – fresh shave, plaid button down shirt, respectable glasses.

When Crean was asked by a student to film a TikTok dance for them, he did what so many dads before him have already done and countless others will do after him – he spent a full ten seconds recording himself staring into the phone camera instead of the dancers who were putting on a show.

Watch Crean go full dad mode below:

Crean, who’s really hip with the youth, asked the student, “Was that a TikTok?” Upon receiving confirmation, he smiled and shifted from recording to recruiting.

The only thing missing from this endearing moment is some fatherly advice about bending with the knee, not with the back and a reminder to shut the front door because we’re not here to air condition the entire neighborhood.

Who knew Tom Crean was everyone’s dad?

In response to his viral dad moment, Crean tweeted: “I’ll add that to the list of things I need to learn – how to make a TikTok. Reminded that no good deed goes unpunished.”

Ever the recruiter, Crean added: “(London Johnson) was amused,” along with a crying laughing emoji.

Us too, Dad…errr…Coach. Us too.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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