Tom Brady Throws Touchdown Pass To Brees’ Son, Drew & Brittany Embrace After It’s All Over & Browns Fans At The Airport

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What a weekend it was for the NFL and networks who make money broadcasting the NFL

Imagine the Fox and CBS executives jumping on their Zoom calls this morning with fellow executives to talk about the weekend, their quick trips to Tulum for a double-shot of sunshine and the football games they have coming up for the AFC and NFC championships. Are you kidding me? Fox gets Tom Brady going to Lambeau. Imagine Hollywood drawing up this script a year ago at this time. Blockbuster hit.

Imagine CBS getting the young gun Josh Allen going to Arrowhead in an attempt to bring the Bills franchise back from the dead. Patrick Mahomes commercials running the whole time. Yes, he still has to get through concussion protocol, but let’s be honest here, he’s playing.

While a Browns-Bills matchup would have been a dream come true from a content perspective, we’ll have to settle with Allen vs. Mahomes. First guy to 400 yards passing wins.

So go crazy, TV executive guy. After everything you’ve been through over the last 10 months, you deserve next weekend. After all that money you spent on the rights to broadcast the biggest NFL games (Fox pays $1.2 billion per season; CBS pays $1 billion), you deserve it even more.

• The extended forecast in Green Bay is calling for snow showers. In other words, it should be a perfect day for the NFC championship. Kansas City is expecting 50 degrees and rain.

• Drew Brees sent every signal needed after Sunday’s game that his NFL career is over. See the content below and expect a press conference this week. Next stop: the NBC broadcasting booth.

• Imagine being a Browns fan and knowing that Mahomes and Josh Allen are going to be in the way for the next 20 years. Absolute torture. However, if you’re CBS executive guy just back from Tulum, it’s time to drop multiple billions on that TV package.

• My mom called last night to say she happened upon the Tampa NFL Fan Experience while out enjoying her new life as a full-time Florida Woman and spoke highly of what the city has dialed up for the Super Bowl. My mother doesn’t throw around praise very often. She added that my 81-year-old stepfather sent me Snapchats of the scene. Yes, 81 and sends out Snaps. Great job Tampa, you have the seal of approval from Mom & Ray.

• The Twitter hack I went through on Friday and Saturday is officially over, and things are back to normal. Don’t forget to tag me on Twitter and Instagram (@joekinseyexp) with content you see floating around. Maybe you created some fun content. Tag me. Make this morning experience the best it can be.

Now, go out there and have an amazing week.

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  1. Nothings funnier than a girl posting pictures in a mud covered ATV (or a burned up California forest.. cough.. cough.. Kamala Harris..) while they themselves have not one drop of dirt on them.

  2. Cool moment for Brees and his family first then between him and Brady. Two HOFer’s who may have played there last game against one another. Some of you on here don’t like Brees but dude is a class act. Yes, I know most of us think he caved to the woke mob but put yourself in his shoes.

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