Tom Brady Doesn’t Sound Like He Wants To Stop Playing Football As He Talks About Juggling Distractions Off The Field

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Tom Brady is in the middle of his 23rd NFL season and will have more than 330 NFL games under his belt at the end of the year. While the man has experienced a lot as an NFL quarterback, most would agree that this season is the most unique of his career.

This season has not been short of distractions for Brady. He of course unretired to return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and months later filed for divorce from Gisele Bundchen.

Brady, 45, has had plenty of stuff going on both on and off the field and recently shared how exactly he balances work with other issues that pop up in his day-to-day life.

“As we talked about with Coach (Sean) Payton, there’s such a drive mentally to always come up with the next great play, or the next great concept, or the next great scheme. And then emotionally, that’s where I think as you get older the challenges really come in, you know, because we can get distracted by other parts of life and not distracted in a bad way but there’s priorities that take over,” Brady said on his ‘Let’s Go‘ podcast.

“So I’ve tried my best over the years to maintain what’s important to me. And been very fortunate to play a sport that I love.”

Tom Brady has the Bucs atop the NFC South standings at 6-6 on the year. (Getty Images)

As Brady eludes, it always comes back to football for him. He’s still got that passion to compete and simply be a teammate, which is why he’s still playing the game at 45 years old.

“And, as I said, why do I play? Because the competition is great,” Brady explained. “Obviously, it’s a great thrill and joy to go out there and play, but you’re just, you’re a part of something that’s way bigger than yourself and there’s something to be said about that.”


Brady certainly sounds like a guy who isn’t thinking about retiring (again) anytime soon.

It’s worth noting that his comments about balancing distractions and his passion for the game came before he led the Buccaneers to a comeback win over the Saints on Monday Night Football.

That come-from-behind win to help keep his team atop the NFC South only added more fuel to his fire.

Written by Mark Harris

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