Tom Brady on Team That Passed on Him: ‘You’re Sticking with that Motherf–ker?

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Tom Brady has made a lot of good decisions in his life, both on and off the field. Leaving the Patriots for the Bucs is just one of them. In his first year with Tampa, Brady won a Super Bowl. Not bad.

Others have spent their lives making bad decisions, like those on the unnamed football team that chose to keep some “motherf–ker” over Tom Brady.

On The Shop, Brady said that when he was a free agent a year ago, one team actually opted against signing him late in the process:


I’m going to guess Brady is talking about the 49ers. A) Visualizing Brady MFing Jimmy G is great content. B) The 49ers were one of the teams with a reported interest in Brady.

That said, it’s quite funny to imagine the Bears telling Brady, “Sorry, we got our guy. His name is Mitch.”

The decisions you make today will determine the stories you tell tomorrow. Remember that.

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  1. Ultimately, Brady went and won with the right team. I’m not sure he would make it to the Super Bowl with the Chargers or 49ers. Tampa has the playmakers and more importantly, the defense.

  2. I have no doubt the Bears passed on TB. The Bears organization is as dumb as two left shoes. Ownership-GM-Coaches to the ball boy are freeging idiots. Maybe I am to harsh, my apology to the ball boy.

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