Tom Brady On Ryan Fitzpatrick: ‘Needs To Think That I’m After Him’

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Ryan Fitzpatrick is adamant that Tom Brady hates his guts, but according to the Buccaneers quarterback, Fitzpatrick is off the mark.

Fitzpatrick doubled up on statements about how he thinks Brady isn’t a fan of his. One was during an appearance on Pardon My Take, in which Fitzpatrick said that TB12 “just pisses him off.” Additionally, Fitzpatrick claimed to be “that MotherF—-er” that Brady referenced in a 2021 appearance on HBO’s The Shop.

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tom Brady at the very least pretending to be cordial. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Brady has responded and said that he has no ill-will toward Fitzpatrick.

“Let’s talk about Ryan. And I love Ryan, but for some reason, he’s got it out for me. I actually talked to Ryan Griffin, who’s one of our quarterbacks, he said, ‘Ryan’s always all over you. I don’t know why.’ So I don’t know why Ryan is,” Brady said on his podcast “Let’s Go.”

“Maybe Ryan and I need to have a talk. Ryan’s a hell of a guy, too. And I’ve competed against him. I mean, he’s a Harvard guy. Now he looks like he’s part homeless. And now he’s on TV doing what my future job’s gonna be.

“So I think Ryan’s got a good thing going.,” Brady concluded. “I’m not sure why he needs to think that I’m after him or something like that.”

Aside from the crack about looking “part homeless” that sounds like Brady is extending an olive branch.

Now it’s up to Fitzpatrick to bury the hatchet with the GOAT or let the beef keep on rolling.

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