Tom Brady’s Collab With Mr. Beast On $300 Million Yacht Becomes Second-Most Watched Video In YouTube History Over 24 Hours

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Tom Brady has not lost his arm over the course of his first few months of retirement. The 45-year-old recently joined viral YouTube personality Mr. Beast for one of his new videos, which has over 50 million views in less than 36 hours.

It quickly became the second-most watched YouTube video in history over the course of 24 hours. Pete Davidson is also in the video, so that helps too. Only Will Smith’s Oscar slap has it beat.

Throughout the 15-minute video, Mr. Beast explores some of the different levels of luxury yachts. He compares a boat that costs $1 to a yacht that costs $1 billion.

At one point, a $300 million boat pulls up and Brady joins him on a tour of the ridiculously nice space.

And then, because Tom Brady is involved, he had to throw some!

Mr. Beast sent his drone out over the water and tasked the seven-time Super Bowl champion with hitting it. The throw was not particularly difficult for an NFL quarterback, but he got it on the first try!

If that wasn’t impressive, Brady put his next throw on the money to one of Mr. Beast’s crew members out on a jetski. He can still cut it loose when he needs to!

Although Brady joked that he may have to come out of retirement, it was pretty clear that he is enjoying his time away from the field with his kids. While sharing the video on his Instagram story, Brady even mentioned how he was bummed that his son Jack wasn’t there with him.

Mr. Beast is still the king of the internet!

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