Tom Brady May Have Bagged Kim Kardashian, New Bud Commercial Torched, Bryson DeChambeau’s GF Checks In, Best Holidays List

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Happy Friday to Tom Brady, Kim Kardashian and all the A-listers knocking boots in the Bahamas!

Oh yeah — happy Friday to all you other peasants, too.

Another week in the books, which means we’re one step closer to one of the most underrated weekends of the year … Memorial Day weekend.

It’s the official kickoff to summer, complete with the booze, bad decisions and bikinis. You usually get that Monday off. The sun stays up till like 9:15 p.m., the grill stays on till around 10, and the scenery ain’t exactly putting anyone to sleep.

My vacation clock is actually already ticking. In fact, it started TODAY. The clock, not my vacation, sadly.

I’ve got one week left. Seven more days — five if you don’t count my off days — until I’m AWOL for a week.

Now, am I going on a family trip with my wife’s enormous family that includes three sisters, a brother, the two parents and four kids all under the age of 3?

You bet your ass I am.

Is it constant chaos, noise, and mayhem?

Oh yeah, baby.

Will there be constant drama from sun-up to sundown, from Day 1 to Day 7?

Like you wouldn’t believe.

But it’s still a vacation nonetheless. Ain’t my first rodeo, and I know how to have a good time even as fires rage all around me. And buddy, I plan to.

But not for another week, which means it’s time to get back to business for 168 more hours. You wanna talk Tom Brady possibly hooking up with Kim Kardashian? You got it, dude!

Feel like celebrating Lainey Wilson and her huge butt on her 30th birthday? Fine by me!

Should we take a dump on Budweiser while we’re at it? If the day ends in y, we sh*t on Bud around here — so of course we’ll do that!

Grab a Funky Buddha Floridian (didn’t see that one coming, did you?!) and settle in for the final class of the week. If you act right, I may even let you go early.

Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian rumors swirl.

Let’s talk about the Tom Brady/Kim Kardashian rumor

I can’t believe nobody at OutKick has broached this yet, but maybe that’s on me. After all, I feel like Nightcaps is sort of the one to do it because yes, it’s clearly BS gossip but also we thrive on that around here.

And by the way, we’re not always wrong. Remember the Taylor Swift-Matty Healy thing a few weeks back? Those two are DEFINITELY banging now, so we nailed that one.

Speaking of banging — looks like Tommy Terrific may be getting cozy with the biggest ass in the land (sorry, Lainey!), Kim Kardashian.

From the NY Post:

Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady have struck up a friendship as she looks to buy a vacation home in his exclusive Bahamian neighborhood, multiple sources confirm to Page Six.

A well-placed source tells Page Six: “Kim and Tom are friendly. She phoned him and asked him for his advice on Baker’s Bay.”

A rep for Brady shut down any romance speculation to Page Six, but the pair has another link — Jens Grede, the marketing mogul behind both of their clothing brands.

“They have friends in common,” per a source close to Kardashian.

Tom Brady betting odds released after Kardashian rumor

I mean, Tom and Kim are hooking up, right? You don’t get cozy in the Bahamas and touch knees on a golf cart without at least getting to first base. I’m not saying Tommy knocked one out of Fenway here, but maybe he legged out an infield single for now?

What an ELECTRIC couple this would be. It would almost certainly be the ultimate downfall of Tom Brady, which would suck, but it would be wild to watch unfold.

Vegas, by the way, is already watching …

First off — hello, Lucy Burdge! Nice to meet ya!

Secondly, you have to go ahead and sprinkle a little on Kim Kardashian sitting at +2500, right? Can’t get some intel like we just got and not go ahead and try to beat the books on it.

Lucy, by the way, is apparently from Boston, according to her bio. Hell, seems to me she may be worth a little sprinkle to be next in line to get with Brady.

Budweiser tries to win us back on a Harley

Welcome to Nightcaps, Lucy. We’ll certainly be seeing more of you throughout the summer courses.

And, since you’re new around here, one thing you’ll quickly learn is we don’t appreciate what Anheuser-Busch did to us with the Dylan Mulvaney stunt.

I’ve been a Busch Light guy my whole life, but Bud Light and Dylan ripped that away from me and now I’m questioning everything. It’s even worse right now because it’s officially #CornCan season for Busch Light, which is a truly wonderful time of year.

Anyway, the newly-acquired marketing team over at AB — I say newly-acquired because everyone else was canned — began their push this week to win our hearts back.

Bud Light is going with the camo look later this month, while Budweiser went ahead and teamed up with Harley-Davidson.

Roll tape!

Aaaaaaaaaand, just in case you were wondering how this bad boy was received on Instagram …

Here are the first three comments. But hey, credit to Budweiser for re-opening the comments section.

Baby steps.

Lainey Wilson turns 30 and shows us how she came up with that song that won’t go away

By the way, that last comment is exactly what I said six weeks ago.

Stop dancing around it and admit you were wrong, and my guess is it’ll be the summer of love for Bud Light and its ex-fans. Until then, people are just gonna keep dumping on it whenever they get the chance — AKA posting commercials on Instagram.

Speaking of dumpers (?), happy 30th birthday to Lainey Wilson — the owner of country music’s biggest butt!

Lainey has been on an absolute HEATER over the past year, appearing in Yellowstone on a semi-regular basis, shacking up with former NFL QB Duck Hodges, and having her first MEGA-viral hit in Heart Like A Truck.

And even if you don’t like country music or Lainey Wilson, you’ve heard this song. It’s literally played on every single channel during every single commercial break.

Don’t act like you don’t hear this 150 times a day.

I’m a Chevy guy myself, but if buying a damn Dodge will make that commercial go away I’ll do it. Seriously, enough, Dodge. I gotcha. We know. We understand.

Anyway, I used to like that song before having it shoved down my earholes every hour, so here’s Lainey showing us how it all came together.

John Daly is missed at the PGA Championship

Little did we know what that little garage session would lead to.

Let’s empty the tank on the way out. I’ve got a wedding to pack for.

The PGA championship is underway in balmy Oak Hill, but legend John Daly is back home rehabbing from a pesky little knee replacement.

Obviously it’s a gut-punch to us in the #content business because John Daly embodies everything right with golf, but not to worry!

While John may be MIA in Rochester, he’s very much alive in our hearts — and on social media, where fans started sharing some of their favorite JD moments this week.

Of course, you had one fan share John’s drunken Taco Bell order:

While another tagged John in this Instagram picture, which just warms my heart.

Say cheese!

And, in honor of Daly’s 1991 PGA championship, this little memory was all over John’s timeline this week.

What a stache!

Bryson DeChambeau’s (maybe) girlfriend Lilia Schneider takes us home

I don’t wanna hear it about John drinking a Miller Lite, either. There’s plenty to be mad about over at Bud Light, but the ML outrage is silly in my opinion. Don’t wanna hear it.

Before we get to current (as of 1 p.m.) PGA leader Bryson DeChambeau and his maybe girlfriend Lili Schneider, here’s a little sneak peak of my upcoming family vacation we talked about at the jump.

Yep — we’re off to the oldest city in America for a little R&R. And if you don’t think your phone is listening to your every move, that funny little picture randomly popped up on my Facebook feed just a bit ago.

Can’t imagine why!

Anyway, I say that to bring this all full circle and end like we started — with my Memorial Day vacation.

I LOVE Memorial Day weekend. It’s so underrated it makes me want to scream, but that’s fine. Keep sleeping on it.

Mount Rushmore of holidays? Hell yes. Well, not exactly a MR — there are too many.

Here’s the definitive order, though.

  1. Halloween
  2. First NFL Sunday of the year
  3. First college football Saturday of the year
  4. Christmas Eve
  5. Thanksgiving
  6. Memorial Day weekend
  7. Labor Day
  8. July 4
  9. NFL Draft night
  10. Christmas
  11. The week between Christmas and New Years where we all just act like we’re working but really don’t do anything
  12. First Saturday of March Madness

That’s it. Not up for debate, as you already know. What I say, goes. It’s final.

And on that note, here’s Lilia to take us into the weekend since whoever ate Bryson DeChambeau is leading the PGA Championship.

Let’s have ourselves a Friday night.

OutKick Nightcaps is a daily column set to run Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. (roughly, we’re not robots).

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Written by Zach Dean

Zach grew up in Florida, lives in Florida, and will never leave Florida ... for obvious reasons. He's a reigning fantasy football league champion, knows everything there is to know about NASCAR, and once passed out (briefly!) during a lap around Daytona. He swears they were going 200 mph even though they clearly were not.


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