Tom Brady Launches Lombardi Trophy Across Open Water, Risks It All

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Like Tom Brady wasn’t going to complete a pass of the Super Bowl LV Lombardi Trophy from his $2 million yacht to another boat in the Buccaneers flotilla parade today in Tampa. Tom took that seven-pound trophy and delivered a perfect pass right on the numbers.

The pessimists are acting like Tommy risked his life throwing the trophy to the wide receiver/tight ends party boat, where they’re going nuts trying to find a replacement phone for Chris Godwin after Scotty Miller knocked it into the Hillsborough River.

The trophy will be fine. Nobody is dropping it into the bottom of a river. Even if the Lombardi does end up on the bottom of the river, it’s just $10,000 or so to replace it if the Tampa dive team can’t find it.

No, a solid sterling silver trophy will not float. Yes, it will drop to the bottom, but there’s no way Gronk would let that happen. He’s had enough Fireball to swim to the bottom and get it back.

Everyone remain calm here.

Let’s see that toss from another angle:

Chris Godwin needs a new phone:

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