Antonio Brown Leaks Another Alleged Text From Tom Brady

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Antonio Brown publicly shared another alleged message from former teammate Tom Brady.

The former Bucs receiver created some waves when he shared a private message several weeks back of Brady more or less telling him to chill out.

The message definitely made the seven-time Super Bowl champion look like a good man. Now, the flamed out receiver has shared a second message allegedly from Brady, and this time, the NFL QB comes off looking even better.

“You have a chip on your shoulder. And the mental/emotional ultimately defines the best for us. I face it a lot. Why are people so critical and hating? Why is it far? I believe it’s because I/we handle it although it’s hard. That resilience will be tested every day. Don’t give in. You can handle it. And when you aren’t feeling great, call me,” Brady allegedly wrote in the message shared by AB.

As of Friday afternoon, Brady has not publicly confirmed the authenticity of the message, and it’s not known when it was sent.

Antonio Brown shares another message allegedly from Tom Brady. (Credit: Antonio Brown/Snapchat)

What is Antonio Brown doing?

If Brown’s goal is to make Tom Brady look as great as possible, he’s doing an excellent job. The first message, which had previously been confirmed as real, made Brady definitely seem like a class act and this one is even better.

If AB thinks leaking these private messages will hurt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star, he’s dead wrong.

Antonio Brown shares private messages from Tom Brady. (Credit: Antonio Brown/Snapchat)

Brown, who recently had a criminal case against him dropped, went out of his way to target Brady during his divorce from Gisele. Instead of saying nothing or offering support, he chose to snipe.

However, it appears his plan is definitely backfiring. Nobody can read these messages from Brady and think he’s anything other than a great guy.

Antonio Brown continues to share alleged messages from Tom Brady. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

No matter what Antonio Brown’s motive is with these messages, he’s definitely not doing anything other than boosting Brady’s reputation.

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