Todd Downing Arrest Video Released, Claims He Had One Beer And Was Racing Home Because Of A Death Threat

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The video of former Titans coach Todd Downing being arrested has been released.

Downing was taken into police custody in November in Tennessee on a DUI charge after returning from a win over Green Bay. He eventually served a two-day sentence in January to put the case behind him.

Body camera footage released by TMZ shows Downing seemingly struggling to compose his thoughts and under the influence. He also made multiple strange claims to the officer who pulled him over.

Todd Downing arrest video released. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Todd Downing appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

When the police officer approached Downing, he informed them he was rushing home to be with his family after he received a death threat.

Downing was pressed by the officer about whether or not he’d had anything to drink. After initially denying it, he claimed he had a “victory beer in Green Bay.” That would mean Downing hadn’t consumed alcohol for hours.

Eventually, Downing was arrested and taken into custody after failing his field sobriety tests. He asked the police to show him “grace,” but in incredibly professional fashion, the officer informed the former Titans coach that’s now how DUI’s are handled.

Other than appearing to be less than honest at times about how much he’d consumed, Downing was polite during the arrest. Unlike a lot of arrest videos you see, he didn’t even consider doing anything stupid.

Downing was later fired by head coach Mike Vrabel when the Titans made sweeping staff changes in the months after Downing’s arrest.

However, he didn’t stay unemployed for long. Downing is already back on an NFL staff after joining the New York Jets as the team’s passing game coordinator.

Todd Downing asked police for “grace” during DUI arrest. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Hopefully, Downing has learned his lesson and it won’t happen again. Never hop behind the wheel if you’re intoxicated. It’s never worth it.

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