Today It’s The Redskins; Tomorrow It’s The Indians, Braves, And The Chiefs

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The Washington Redskins are changing their name. It’s hard for me to get worked about the Redskins name change.

Here’s what I mean:  I don’t care what they call themselves.  I care about setting the precedent of whenever whine, you change.

If we could come out right now and say, “We’ll give you the Redskins name change, will you stop whining?” Probably not.

You are going to come after the Indians. Then you’ll come after the Braves. Then you’ll come after the Chiefs. Then you’ll come after the Seminoles. Then you’ll come after the Warriors.

The thing you have to understand, go read the New York Times article on ESPN.

The woke loser media are never satisfied. They owe their entire existence to their perpetual outrage. So you can’t appease them.

You can’t give them something and expect them to say: “You know what, now we’re happy. Everything is great again.”

They come for something else and this is what we saw with the monuments.

The New York Times had an article that said we need to tear down the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument and Mount Rushmore.

People mad fun of Donald Trump when he said where does this monument tear-down society end and the answer is, it doesn’t end.

There’s always another one because if there isn’t another one, then the woke universe has no power. 

They have to have another foe which is why you have to stand up to them and say no and we’re not going to allow it anymore.

I don’t care about the Redskins. I don’t care about the team. I didn’t grow up liking the team. I don’t care about Dan Snyder’s ‘leadership’ of them. He’s made them basically irrelevant for the last 20 years.

I don’t care. But it doesn’t end there and that’s the problem.

There’s always something new and as a result, if there is always something new, it never ends.

Having said that, I kind of like the idea of the Washington Redtails. I like the idea of honoring World War II soldiers because they were the last people who actually stood up to true evil.

And the Redtail fighter pilots — to the best of my knowledge — you get to keep the “red” and add the “tails” would be a cool idea.

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  1. How can “Braves” and “Chiefs” be viewed as racist deserving of being cancelled? These words show respectable character quality and leadership. I guess we are going to have to re-name everyone by the colors of their uniforms. Oh wait, that is racist too.

    • It’s basically just a transcript of what he said. I see the point though. There was some incorrect spelling and lack of grammar. I’m not sure who writes these video transcripts. It looks as if they write them up as fast as possible and try to reach 300 words so it qualifies for SEO.

  2. The name Redskins is not racist and removing it is an abomination. That being said, as a fan, the name doesn’t make me watch, but my connection to my team’s past makes me wanna watch them.

    In this particular case, it’s not enhancing a past by springing forward in a new city with a new name and logo.

    And it’s all about the left. I listen to 106.7 the fan on the Radio app and Chad Dukes has taken calls from what sounds like milenial antifa loons. The same loons burning statutes.

    I like the idea of keeping the name for two reasons; a reason to keep tabs on my team and it’s history, and To stick the middle finger to this lefty move.

    As Captain Picard once said about beating the Borge, ‘… this stops here, no further’

  3. The Team can Just stop using the name. Put the trademark in a Naitive American Irrevocable Trust. Every dollar spent On Redskins gear goes to the Trust to benefit Indians in America. Expose the NFL for wanting a piece of that cash. And Snyder too.

    The fans will use the name anyway. Trust me, the fans will. I’m leaning toward not watching anymore, but I will if the above happens.

    And then I would enjoy watching the media cover the Redskins … they would have to. Priceless.

  4. “If you follow recent trends, I say blow it all up! ? They would all agree too because they would make a fortune on Fanatics reselling all the new jerseys and other garbage we consume.
    Teams names that need to be changed, these could offend someone…
    MLB NFL NBA NHL in no order…you know them
    Nationals Mets Braves Phillies Pirates Brewers Padres Browns Cowboys Packers Vikings Celtics 76ers Trailblazers Blackhawks Kings Giants Yankees Indians Astros Royals Rangers Texans Chiefs Patriots Saints Giants Pacers Kings Cavaliers Canucks Golden Knights Redskins 49ers Buccaneers Titans Steelers Capitals Senators Canadiens Rangers.
    Whew…the only names really left are colors. The poor animals are next, Falcons Eagles etc.. and those could easily be justified too…Is there anything left? ? What will the play by play sound like? “It’s the New York uh, players in blue with NY logo against the Dallas team that is….did you switch to Netflix yet?

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