Today In Stupidity: Gabe Kapler Protesting US

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Gabe Kapler seems to be protesting the entire U.S., and Dan Dakitch has something to say about it.

Watch below:

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  1. Kapler is in a protective bubble … (1) he had an outstanding season last year … his first as SF Mgr … (2) he’s in San Francisco where the rank & file share his radical left POV. … (3) he has crafted an image of himself as a New Millenium “Hippie”. DEFINITELY not a Buck Showwalter-type.
    He will likely get booed on the road … which he will promote to his image.

  2. He should ask some of the players on his own team from Venezuela or from some of the Island countries what they think about our country. Maybe if wants to change the country he should start in his own city. Next time an opponent who escaped from cuba could give him a few examples of how the world works under a dictator. I understand that we are far from perfect and have some things to work on but his act of protesting isn’t helping anything except generating content and drawing the spotlight to him. I didn’t even know who he was.

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