TNT’s Kenny Smith Walks Off Set In Support Of Players’ Boycott

TNT’s Kenny Smith walked off the set of Inside the NBA to support the players boycotting playoff games that were set to be played tonight in Orlando.

“Right now my head is ready to explode like in the thought of what’s going on,” Kenny Smith told viewers. I don’t know if I’m appropriate enough to say it what the players are feeling and how they’re feeling. I haven’t talked to any player.

“As a black man and former player I think it’s best for me to support the players and just not be here tonight,” Smith said as he took off his mic. “And figure out what happens after that.”

The Milwaukee Bucks decided to boycott today’s Game 6 against the Orlando Magic, which led to the postponement of the Houston-Oklahoma and Lakers-Portland games scheduled for this evening.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. What a phony fire him and get someone you can depend on and of course Ernie”I respect that” again when Blacks are slaughtered each week in Chicago by other Blacks well i guess that’s ok no body says squat and certainly haven’t walked off and left their bros hangin weak move bro.

  2. Black on black killings every weekend and nearly every day in Chicago…approximately 70% of black kids do not have a father around, 13 Baltimore public schools and not one kid can read or do math at grade level……No “social justice outrage” about those things from Kenny Smith nor from the BLM CCP NBA bubble. But yeah, now they are supposedly so outraged, they won’t even do their jobs. How about just listen to instructions that police give you and you will be fine.

    And what about the outrage for the women that this guy sexually assualted? And for the female victims of George Floyd?

  3. Virtue signaling 101. I wonder if Kenny Smith said a word about the 3 year old killed in gang-fire in Chicago several weeks ago. I haven’t bothered watching their bubble circus…but I don’t recall reading about it. He only involves himself in local incidents in far away places when it can gain him some social justice points and some pats on the back from the millionaires he covers.

    Kenny Smith is full of sh*t.

  4. If Kenny or any player misses a paycheck from walking out, then I can at least respect their stance even as the facts emerging out of Wisconsin is presenting a far different and more damning story than the initial report/current narrative. But they won’t, so it’s woke posturing and they will be cheered as heroes in the echo chamber of the blue checkmark brigade.

  5. Kenny Smith walking off the TNT set just became the civil rights moment of the century. Visions of Selma, Alabama civil rights march right now. What it must have been like. You take those Chains off Kenny! Dont let em put ya’all back in Chains. And Ernie Johnson. Putting it all on the line to support his black friend. I bet Ernie sat on the back of the bus with Kenny on their ride home as a show of solidarity. Ernie taking high risk of the KKK targeting him. All of us need to reevaluate our manhood after this display tonight. And they’re doing it for the honor of a wanted sex offender who resisted arrest (I mean an innocent, unarmed black man who was just walking to his car after performing his civic duty of breaking up a domestic squabble).

  6. Hey genuis Kenny Smith…the only fans left watching you already agreed with you, which means you are boycotting the tiny audience you had left. Not too smart but you got to feel God about yourself for those precious 5 minutes, huh?

  7. Hey genuis Kenny Smith…the only fans left watching you already agreed with you, which means you are boycotting the tiny audience you had left. Not too smart but you got to feel good about yourself for those precious 5 minutes, huh?

  8. Unfortunately, regardless if we agree or not with Kenny’s action and the action of these athletes, these guys are ultra-rich.

    Their lives will be okay and bills will get paids, but for us “peons”, we dont have tens of million dollars in our banking and savings account, where we can walk off our job site.

    When a person is financially stable, he is able to do things, the rest of us can’t do.

  9. What a clown. Kenny, Kenny, Kenny….really? We can all question the number of shots fired, but comply with the officers request and this issue NEVER happens, ever.. start by sharing your perspective on that and constructive means of solving your beefs with social justice. Come on man…

  10. IF I WERE KING……

    Breaking News: From the office of the President of Turner Network Television.
    Date: 28 August, 2020
    RE: Kenny Smith Termination
    For immediate release……

    As of 0900 this morning, Kenny Smith has been formally relieved of all duties associated with his position as co-host of “Inside the NBA” and is hereby terminated.
    Mr. Smith is hereby banned from ALL Tuner Network Television Property and if seen he will be arrested and detained for trespassing.

    On the evening of August 26th, 2020, Mr. Smith was contractually bound to host the TNT Network’s Inside the NBA along with three other hosts. Mr. Smith, after giving a convoluted and rambling speech, walked off of the set Wednesday and failed to complete his contractually obligated job duties.

    Regardless of the reasons, Mr. Smith demonstrated Gross Misconducted, Gross Insubordination, and a level of unprofessional conduct rarely seen at this level. This unprofessional conduct had a tremendous detrimental consequence on the other co-hosts as well as the producers, cameramen, directors, support staff, control room personnel and every other individual who had spent time producing this show.

    Walking off this show was one of the most selfish, narcissistic and childish acts that has ever been demonstrated on a national television show and will not go unnoticed and will not be tolerated.
    Mr. Smith, in what is a clear contractual violation, failed to complete his employment obligations, abandoned his job responsibilities and walked away from his employment. While the network takes great pride in providing an outlet for hosts to fully express various opinions about current events,
    We absolutely expect hosts to live up to their contractual responsibilities.

    Mr. Smith failed to so and has hereby been terminated.

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